Resting places in the ADAC-Test

Munich, 26. April 2018

You know the Problem: After a long motorway journey a toilet is needed or you would like to represent briefly the legs. If no diner in the vicinity, is the Alternative in the official Jargon, "unmanaged resting place". The automobile club, the ADAC, has now made 50 of these Parking places with sanitary facilities along the major highways.

"Very good" is not a plant

The result of sit up and take notice, but it is more enjoyable than is commonly believed: In three-quarters of the cases, the ADAC testers found a at least sufficient clean and safe facility. Although none of the 50 test subjects with the grade "very good", 14, however, "good", and 24 "adequate". Only eight plants, the Tester judged "deficient" and the other four, however, even with "very poor". The other criticism of the testers, particularly on the Lack of soap, hand dryer or toilet paper in the sanitary facilities.

The winner of the A 1

The best resting place with the grade "good" was Cappeln Hagelage West on the A 1 (Bremen - Cologne). He presented a total of well maintained, clean, well lit, with a noise protection wall, shielded, and barrier-free. The exact opposite: The system Drackensteiner slope on the A 8 (Munich - Stuttgart). Ill-equipped, unkempt and structurally significantly in the years to come, not reached even half of the evaluation points, and hence the rating of "very poor".

Where is the soap?

The most important criterion in the Test of the condition of the sanitary facilities. More or less maintained and externally clean all the facilities were almost. Soap and the opportunity for the hands to dry off, missing the Tester, however, in about half of the 100 Tests.

Cleaning in the twilight

The experts of the ADAC were also so-called contact samples, to be able to reduce the number of germs determined. The result: Twelve percent of the samples were harmless. Almost half of the notes were found lack of cleaning. However, only a few investments were actually harmful germs.

Disabled partially at a disadvantage

Also dedicated Parking for people with walking difficulties, lowered kerbs and easily accessible, disabled toilets are not on the German grid squares long, of course. And certainly not in combination with: Only 37 of the tested 50 plants had appropriate Parking and toilets at the same time. In terms of Standard equipment for the disabled-toilets, however, partially equipped better than the normal. The testers of the ADAC inspected 50 abandoned wine rest areas with toilets along the main travel routes in Germany, the motorways A 1 to A 9. Each plant was tested Once in the summer and in the autumn of last year, incognito.(rh)