As a serious competitor of a Porsche Cayman, BMW M3 or Audi TTS to attempt the new Nissan 370Z, which has become the successor of the Nissan 350Z since 2008. For the U.S. market with a 328-hp V6 engine equipped with 3,700 cc, the new Nissan 370Z is a legitimate heir to the Datsun 240Z, who began his career as one of the most successful sports car in the world in the 1970s. Especially its consistent lightweight construction it is thanks to them that the Nissan 370Z of the model year 2010, up significantly better performance on the day compared to the 350Z. With a significantly shorter wheelbase it brings the first as pure Nissan sports coupe available to only 1.46 tonnes, which makes him appear much sportier in combination with the new, more powerful engine. Also externally makes the new 370Z with its arrow-shaped front headlamps, the aggressive subscribed radiator mask and also arrow-shaped tail lights that are just like the tiny little window remember behind the side window of the early Z models, a very dynamic impression. In addition, the somewhat dreary in the previous interior has been significantly upgraded, which is noticeable especially in optics and the plastics used in the design of the instrument panel of the new Nissan Z coupes. Even noble animal skins make the seats more comfortable than the previous model. The spring of 2013, the Japanese missed the Coupe a facelift, which dealt next to the body with the engine. So now is a tire pressure monitoring system as standard on Nissan 320Z as well as a hard drive navigation. Was revised 7-speed automatic NISSAN 320Z: The interface has been extended to a snow mode, which is designed to prevent the slipping of the tires in the winter. The engine of Nissan 370Z car was changed to a more moderate consumption down. So it continues to make 328 hp from the V6 engine with 3.6 liter displacement and a maximum torque of 363 Nm. The interior now has a much better quality that the Nissan 370Z sports seats provide more lateral support and enhanced ergonomics.