Qoros 2: plug it in!

Shanghai (China ), April 14, 2015

The small SUVs on the size of an Opel Mokka or Nissan Juke are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Clearly, since many car manufacturers want a piece of the pie. At the Shanghai Auto Show ( 22 to 29 April 2015), now the fledgling Chinese manufacturers Qoros shows his idea in the form of a concept car.

Mini Countryman in Chinese

The study is called simply " Qoros 2 SUV concept car " and remembers clearly with their crisp coupe form to the lifestyle mobile Mini Countryman. No wonder: the test vehicle was produced in cooperation of Qoros design team in Munich and Shanghai, led by Gert Volker Hildebrand. He was 2001-2011 chief designer of the Mini brand, and thus also the spiritual father of the Countryman. Much more than the silhouette has not yet seen the new " 2 SUV" because the car company currently has only released a single sketch. We must wait patiently also still on the first information to the interior. Here we will only reveal that there should be a large multimedia touch screen in the center console, which uses a proprietary Qoros connectivity platform.

Plug-in hybrid and switchable rear axle

To drive technology are few details. The small SUV will be taken forward by a plug-in hybrid system, whose special features include an auxiliary electric drive for the rear axle and an inductive charging system. For more facts and of course more pictures will only be for the World Premiere on April 20, 2015 when the first press of the Shanghai exhibition.

Fourth series model?

A few months ago Qoros had introduced the production version of something larger " 3 City SUV" which comes first in China to market. If the concept car shown now goes into production, it would be the fourth model of the manufacturer, founded in 2007. The program also have a four-door hatchback and a variant of "3". When the Qoros brand comes to Germany, is still in the stars. Currently, the carmaker tried with limited success, to gain a foothold on the domestic market of China . (HD)