Presentation of the new Porsche Panamera sports Turismo: The 911 for the whole family

Panamera sports Turismo: The 911 for the whole family

Doing it right, it means in the case of Porsche: in a five-drive variants of the Zuffenhausen-based company to throw their new station wagon the Panamera Sport Turismo on the market. It represents a vehicle concept which will be taken at the neighbors from Untertürkheim straight out of the program. What Porsche knows better than Mercedes?

Although the Porsche is not so polarizing and avant-garde, drawn like the Mercedes CLS Shooting Brake, but basically the same concept behind it, namely, to make a coupe-like sedan with more space and practicality blessed combination. One has made the decision in the case of Porsche, obviously: About five years passed from the idea of a Show car at the Paris auto salon, and the introduction of the production model. Now the customers have plenty of choice in a performance-spread between 234 kW / 330 HP and 404 kW / 550 HP and up to around 7000 euros extra compared to a comparable motorized Limousine.

Neither there is a lack of a Diesel (which was, for obvious reasons, its unique identifier in forfeited), even to an ultra-modern Hybrid variant that can get to the outlet juice for up to 50 miles emission-free range. Where it is not so in everyday traffic differently than with conventionally powered passenger cars: Between the theoretical energy consumption and the practical range of a difference there is. So 30 to 40 pure-electric km for the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid is closer to the reality. The part-time Stromer uses a battery capacity of 14 kilowatt-hours and a 100-kW / 136-HP electric motor to achieve this performance.

The car that Porsche is called-internally in the long-gone under the symbol "ST" as the hard test of the Eco-conscience for a die-hard sports wagenfan: Apart from the 243 kW / 330 HP, a strong base petrol engine is the E-Hybrid with its 340 kW / 462 HP system performance of the slowest in the ST five-round, unless the adjective is "slow" allows for up to 275 km/h sprint combo at all. But around 300 kilograms more weight just take their toll. At the same time the dealer calls, more than 112 000 euros, in the end with a standard fuel consumption of 2.5 litres per 100 kilometres remunerated. Pure electric, which is up to 140 km/h are possible, takes the car 15.9 per kWh for the standard distance.

© Axel F. buses Porsche Panamera Sport Turoimo At the other end of the Environmental scale, at least from the point of view recently resurrected Diesel-haters, the self-igniter-ST, the last sovereign of worn model lettering is gone from the front doors. It is only 100 kilograms minimum mass and not to the hybrids, larger trunk (1390 to 1295 litres) and a more favourable price, but also 282 km/h top speed and more than 1000 km range. Conditions for a real consumption of 8 liters on 100 km (according to the standard 6.8) and the optional 90 litre fuel Tank (Standard 75 l).

The Panamera Sport Turismo is more than numbers games, services and volumes, it shows the best of the page. Up to the B-pillar, it is similar to the sedan like a twin, without being identical with it. The fine sheet metal crease that runs from the front fenders starting up in the roof edge Spoiler, is a characteristic work of extensive reconstruction. Finally, the Design had to be self-reliant and Porsche-typical, but to load the body too rigid and the Luggage compartment easily. A loading height of 63 centimeters, shows that this can be regarded as successful. As standard, the ST rolls on 19-inch alloy wheels, but probably only few customers will resist the temptation to promote harmony in the overall picture and the powerful Aesthetics with optional 21-inch wheels.

Maybe a couple of litres more volume in the boot, but then would have suffered the very sporty and elegant line, which has now culminated in a very slanted rear window. It is topped by a retractable rear wing that provides, depending on the angle of attack up to 50 kilograms of additional downforce. Inside, the biggest novelty and most important difference to the sedan are the occasions in the rear seat. As a "4+1"configuration, Porsche wants to understand the variants with the additional space in the means of knowledge, which is in addition to the standard design with four single armchairs can be ordered. The middle course Outlets at the end of cardan-tunnel, in addition to the console setups, and climate-the local passengers are forced to place a leg on the left and to the right of it, should restrict for the transport in question come to the people.

© Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo. The driver of the luxury truck, what is the Name of Porsche promises. In spite of more than five meters in length, a wheelbase of 2.95 meters, the car is close to the action, does not establish any distance between the Handlebars and Guided. Also, the weight changes depending on the engine variants to two tons, is not a tangible hurdle. Even the E-Hybrid, including two inmates and a handful of beneficial Extras, after all, about 2.4 tonnes in weight, leaves no semblance of unwillingness or sluggishness. Agile and with a good grip, he shoots around the corner, the seemingly greasy two-tonne truck looks like a wiry Athlete who is grateful to be able to the results of the training demonstrate.

Can-do sprint power (with 700 Newton meters of torque from 1100 tours), and the known immediate turn-in precision to make the Handling a pleasure that does not need any settling-in phase. The permanent all-wheel drive that distributes a Hang-On clutch, the force of the internal-combustion engine and electric motor to meet needs and imperceptible to the axles, no traction issues. Analogous to the 911-steering-Wheel the wheel of a Panamera Sport Turismo Hybrid features a drive mode knob to the vertical spoke. There you can choose between pure electric drive and charging mode, but also the performance-oriented levels, Sport and Sport plus. In the auto-Hybrid function the control units take over the helm, of which there are a total of 112 for the various tasks. The electronics then determines the optimal use of the two carried energy sources.

If Porsche knows something better than Mercedes. What you know very well, is that your clients are stingy. Because the manufacturer also supplies the load station is the same, because it is the environmentally conscious ST-riders is even easier, their financial resources for the refinement of the driving to spend technical possibilities. Of course, the Wealth of possible additions is as well as the other models are hardly manageable. Air suspension, ceramic brakes, Rolling and levelling, adaptive LED light, and the range of additional safety and assistance systems are an invitation to have the price of the vehicle is about 150 000 Euro.

Technical Data Of The Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo 4 E-Hybrid, Sport Turismo

Length x width x height (in m): 5.05 x 1,94 x 1,43 Wheelbase (m): 2,95 Combustion engine: V6 Biturbo gasoline engine, 2894 ccm Power: 243 kW / 330 HP: 5250 – 6500 U/min Max. Torque: 450 Nm between 1750 – 5000 U/min Electric motor: permanent-magnet synchronous machine with external rotor Power: 100 kW / 136 HP Torque: 400 Nm 100 U/min System power: 340 kW / 462 HP max. System-torque: 700 Nm from 1100 to 4500 U/min Maximum speed: 275 km/h Acceleration 0 to 100 km/h: 4.6 sec. Unladen weight (DIN) / payload: 2190 kg / max. 620 kg Luggage Room: 425 – 1295 Liters Fuel consumption (NEDC): 2.5 L/100 km CO2 emissions: 56 g/km Power consumption: 15,9 kWh/100km Efficiency Class: A+ + + (Euro 6) Coefficient of drag: 0.30 to Tire (v/h): 265/455 ZR 19 / 295/40 ZR 19 Price: 112 000 EUR