Porsche Passport: The PS-flat rate

Atlanta (USA), 16. October 2017

It is the dream of any video player: The virtual Garage is Packed with cars from Porsche, which are available at any time. Now the dream is actually a reality, although initially only in the US city of Atlanta. There is a pilot now starts the program named "Passport".

A Porsche free

Comparable to the Porsche Passport is with car-sharing, but the size and price at a much higher level. But For a one-time registration, interested participants need to have an App added to this is the activation fee in the amount of $ 500. The approval of the membership takes place after passing the Background and credit check. After this step, the desired vehicle is refueled delivered from November 2017 through a driver to a location in Atlanta. Vehicle exchange can be scheduled for the same day or later. The "Personal Concierge Service", you can also choose the right vehicle, if the user calls his current preferences.

Flat rate for high earners

At first glance, the monthly fee will not appear cheap: it starts at $ 2,000 (the equivalent of around 1,700 Euro) for the "Launch"package. A total of eight model variants are available for selection, such as the 718 Boxster, the Cayman S and the Macan S and the Cayenne. For $ 3,000 (the equivalent of 2500 EUR) the term "Accelerate" 22 models in its Portfolio. The offer ranges from the 911 Carrera S over the Panamera 4S and the Cayenne S E-Hybrid. A lot of money, but including taxes, insurance, maintenance, and treatment. Only the user himself must fill up. Restrictions of the rental period. Against the Background of the costs of leasing rates for a Cayman and a Cayenne, the $ 2,000 qualify for the basic package. In addition, the subscription can be completed on a monthly basis.

Similar idea from Cadillac

The expansion of the Passport program on other markets will want to check on the Porsche after conclusion of the pilot project. A similar System Cadillac offers is already in New York, the Name: Book by Cadillac. Unlike Porsche, a maximum of 18 vehicle changes per year are possible, the cars can be used for up to 30 days. In the case of certain models, but there are temporal limitations. The admission fee is 500 dollars, in the month of $ 1,500 will be due. Soon, a six-month pilot project of the Cadillac-Auto-subscriptions in Munich is planned.(rh)