Porsche Cayman S

In November 2005, the Porsche Cayman S has celebrated the launch of its first generation. The sporty two-seater based on the Porsche Boxster was a more advanced 320-hp six-cylinder boxer engine (mid-engined) equipped with the Cayman S cars are already seen alone by its engine sound as a typical Porsche. In the performance (277 km / h top speed and 5.2 seconds for the zero to 100 km / h), the mid-engine sports car even on a par with its big brother Porsche 911th With a combined fuel consumption of 9.8 liters of premium petrol Porsche Cayman S is in a very favorable area for a sports car of this class. Since March 2013, the 2nd generation of the Porsche Cayman S is now available as a new car. Again, the sports car is based on the Boxster S built since 2012 and has the appropriate engine. The Boxer engine delivers a power of 3.4-liter displacement and 315 hp makes the Porsche Cayman S more than 280 km / h. The front end of the new Porsche Cayman S is accentuated by oval main headlamps and distinctive air intakes. The gently sloping rear end shapes, together with the strongly curved fenders and the automatically extending. Looking for a sports car, for example, the first edition of the Porsche Cayman S as a used car? This dream car and many other sports car from Mercedes-Benz, an Audi TT or a used BMW M3 you can buy at attractive rates online from this website.