PoleStar is the WTCC safety car

Gothenburg (Sweden), 30 March 2016

It's been almost 30 years that Volvo has lovingly dominated the touring scene in Europe called "Flying brick" (flying brick) 240 Turbo with the. In the October 2015, the Sweden announced 2016 in the Touring Car Championship WTCC to enter. As a vehicle, the Volvo S60 is PoleStar TC1 Act. Now, Volvo is the next stone for the WTCC commitment the safety car.

Combined as a safety car

As a basis for according to Volvo "safest safety car of all time", a V60 holds forth PoleStar. The civilian combined brother of the S60 race car is equipped for use on the track with a Überollkäfig, as well as with security, and communication equipment. These include a roof rack with yellow beacons and a radio system for the contact to the race. The fast Volvo station wagon at the circuit is also reminiscent of the legendary Volvo 850, which at the end of the 1990s made uncertain the British touring car championship season in BTCC a real highlight.

WTCC 2016 with four manufacturers

The new safety car could complete at the opening race of the WTCC in the French Le Castellet on weekends from 1 to 3 April 2016 already the first usage. There meets the 2016er Starter field of World Championship in two runs each other. At the start, cars from Citroën, Honda, Chevrolet, LADA, and for the first time are also Volvo. The German run will take place in the framework of the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring from 26 to 29 June 2016. (mf)