Opel Zafira update touchscreen in the cockpit

Touch screen in the cockpit

Apparently his new compact MPV Opel Zafira Opel considered a symbol of the cultural revolution, which rolls around the car scene at the moment. Engines are the Zeitgeist following - pushed completely into the background. The Interior and its flexibility, seating comfort, the assistance systems and especially the connection to the Internet have replaced the fossil technique in the second row in this phase of the vehicle performance in the Zafira. Understandable, if you know that the Zafira on the basis of the Opel Astra rests. The drives are known.

Its Zafira previous was known for its benefits in terms of flexibility. If the new from September to the traders roll, he brings back these properties, which are hervorgehen plane with the prefix "Flex": the Flex seven seating system, the FlexFix bike carrier or the adaptive Flexride chassis. The Interior has been completely redesigned. The multifunctional Flexrail centre console comes to the optional, adjustable in six directions particularly back-friendly seat. The system allows flexible storage modules between the front seats move on aluminium Rails to any desired position. It contains among other things a large storage compartment and drink holder.

The Fund in a spacious lounge can be transformed for passengers in the second row. An intelligent mechanism works out the back of the middle seat with a twist to the front, making comfortable armrests for the outboard seats. This slide also diagonally backwards towards the middle of the vehicle. The passengers can enjoy a generous leg - and shoulder room. The third row of seats can be folded is also fully forward; the rest disappear into the ground and make a completely flat load surface in the trunk. In five-seater configuration, the trunk of the Zafira swallows at least 710 litres, which grow on 1860 litres when the second-row seat forward.

The new cockpit design looks like a cast. The monitor of the infotainment system is so far sitting on the center console, he was replaced in the new cockpit through a touch screen. Thus, the designer could waive many buttons. The look and feel of a premium tablets gives the seven inch touch screen with galvanized frame.

"Tablets" are becoming a central unit in our cars, even in the compact class like this. The Zafira Gets the latest generation of the Opel IntelliLink Infotainment System. This is car compatible with Apple car play as well with Android. The radio R 4.0 IntelliLink brings the world of smart phones in the lounge on wheels. Also, the personal online and service Assistant Opel of OnStar from the Zafira makes a mobile 4 G / LTE-Wi-Fi hotspot. Moreover, Opel offers lighting (AFL +) for the first time in this vehicle class, the latest generation of Adaptive driving light Adaptive forward with LED technology. The most recent version of the Opel front camera supports also the numerous assistance systems, except for the high-beam Assistant of AFL-LED light, traffic sign recognition, the distance indicator, the front collision warning and a lane.

As already in the previous Zafira generations can enjoy drivers and passengers on relaxed rides in the optional, adjustable in six directions AGR certified ergonomic seats. In addition the Flexrail multifunctional center console. The system with flexible storage modules between the front seats contains among other things a large storage compartment and Cup holders, which move on aluminium Rails to any desired position and perfect to use as the space between seats.

The exterior design emphasises the width of the Zafira. The headlight fuse with the grille and optically form a unit. The three-dimensional chrome crossbar with the Opel logo is in the spotlight. The panoramic windscreen, as well as the optional panoramic roof, further increase the sense of space. The windscreen extends from the hood up almost at the B-pillar. Driver and front passenger can look almost unimpeded to the top. The panoramic sunroof extends from the windshield to the rear of the car.

To drive just as much: "future Zafira buyers also have a large selection of engines. Because even the new Zafira will be the only vehicle in its class with the broad range of drive systems. Dynamic petrol, diesel, LPG and natural gas generators are used." (ampnet/SM)