Opel cross country x prices

R├╝sselsheim, Germany, 13 March 2017

It was the topic of conversation in the last days: the PSA group, the brands include Peugeot, Citro├źn and DS, takes over Opel. But many customers wonder what he has of them. For example the new cross country X. He is the first vehicle, which was developed in cooperation with PSA, a technical Alliance has existed for 2015 now is, what will cost the crossover.

Blithely mixed

They must rely on the term "Crossover" because Opel cross country X converts between the worlds. He mixes the optics and variability of minivans (he replaces the Meriva) with the raised seating position of an SUV. There is not a four-wheel drive. Let's take a look at the facts: 4.21 m X is cross country just six centimeters shorter than the Mocha X, but about ten centimeters longer than a Renault Captur. Stately 410 to 1.255 litres luggage fit in the trunk. A sliding to 15 centimeters rear bench, which however extra costs 325 euro makes it possible.

The engines speak French

What there is for the motors to report? They are all known from the PSA shelf. It starts strong sucking gasoline engine, which has as its Turbo siblings with 110 and 130 HP 3 cylinder with a 81 HP. For the 110-HP unit is also a six speed automatic transmission in the program, their charge is 1,450 euros. The strongest Otto delivers 230 Newton metres of torque from 1,750 rpm, spurting in 9.1 seconds to 100 and reached a top of 206 km/h diesel-friends have the choice of two four-cylinder engines with 99 and 120 HP. Whether gasoline or diesel: only the respectively most motors have a six speed gearbox factory, which is otherwise only five courses. Apart from the initial units is a start stop system always on board.

Keeping base

What now costs the cross country X? Let's go 16.850 euros (415 euros more than in the Meriva) for the gasoline engine, the diesel start at 19,300 euros. Not a bargain, but already at the base named "Selection" is a lot included. A lane, a traffic sign recognition, a cruise control and a USB radio, no air conditioning but are here to name a few. In addition, this cost 1,140 euros. This "Selection" is negligible, especially since there are these facilities only for the base engine. The golden mean is "Edition": not only the air conditioning is standard for 2,400 euros more, added, also electric Windows come back a seven inch touchscreen plus Smartphone integration, and 16-inch alloy wheels,. Also can customers also order here the entire (and very lush) range of extras.

Market launch in may 2017

Examples of compliant? 495 euro cost a package from 180-degree - rear view camera, parking sensors the EGR comfortable seats for driver and front passenger, 700 euros of an eight inch touch screen including sat-nav and 810 euro front as rear, steering wheel and heated seats. There are 300 euro for the head-up display with caution. For the system with Plexiglas window, additional tools must be ordered. Top features of the cross country X is "Innovation": there's a two zone climate control, LED taillights, a Visual package and the roof in contrast color in addition at the factory. Supplement to "Edition"? 1,200 euro. So equipped is the automatic petrol engine to 23,300 euros, the top diesel costs so exactly 24.000 euro. You can see: the Opel cross country X is ideal for intimate moments with the configurator. Speed is not needed, because the French Opel starts only in may 2017.(rh)