One for all

Detroit ( USA), January 13, 2015

The Empire Strikes Back. Thus one could describe the appearance of General Motors at this year's Detroit Auto Show ( 12 to 25 January 2015). At home game of the electric mobility is blown to attack in the area. Almost as important as the new edition of the Chevrolet Volt is its similar-sounding fellow who study Bolt.

Swipes on Tesla and BMW

The acoustic similarity is probably intention " Bolt" is in English for flash or arrow. In this sense, the Chevrolet Bolt to the arrow in the quiver of stock GM chief Mary Barra. The first goal is Tesla. The currently most fashionable brand of electric cars want Barra abgraben with the Bolt the water as it informs the flower. The study is groundbreaking because it was not designed toward exclusivity, but on affordability out as Barra. Another rival, the GM apparently has in mind, the BMW i3. For this was recently unveiled at CES in Las Vegas a system that searches the car without a driver a place in underground garages and car parks. Coincidence or not ?? also the Chevrolet Bolt has such a technique.

Successor to the Spark EV

One thing is certain already that the production version of Bolt will replace the Chevrolet Spark EV in the foreseeable future. The costs in the US to 27,000 dollars and is about 130 miles. $ 30,000 ( 25,000 euros ) are under discussion for Bolt, the range should be at very ordinary 320 kilometers. The driver can choose from different driving modes that are designed either for commuting to work or taking a spin on the weekend. Light materials such as aluminum, magnesium, carbon fiber and reduce the weight. However, given the price objective, it is probably not massive scale deployment type such as the BMW i3 and its carbon fiber body. Interior is to provide a flat, continuous ground for good space in the cockpit, a ten-inch touch screen is connected apps.

The Plug - Charles

To flash the Chevrolet Bolt could be not only in the literal sense. Mary Barra says the production model will also come in many global markets on the market. Considering especially the side view of the bolt so you recognize some similarities to Opel Karl. This is based on the platform of the next Spark, which very probably the Bolt uses. Since there will be no new Opel Ampera, an electric Karl is well within the realm of possibility. As early as July 2014 Opel boss Neumann had tweeted that they would bring a successor product in the electric segment. (sh)