Now she is coming, but it will remain?

Munich, December 17, 2014

Now she is probably really, Horst Seehofer car toll. The federal cabinet has the legislative proposals by Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt (CSU ) and Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble ( CDU) now decided. Even though the law still needs the Bundestag, it may be assumed that the " infrastructure charge " from 2016 come true. The only question is whether the EU will not tip the project, because there exists a fear before that foreigners are disadvantaged by the new tax. Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc had recently expressed corresponding concerns.

A maximum of 130 € per year

The car toll to be paid by all, so domestically and foreigners. For residents of the costs of displacement and environmental performance of cars hanging from a maximum of 130 euros per year are due. The Germans are to be relieved in return for the motor vehicle tax, so that they no longer have to pay in the end. Foreigners pay 130 euros per year, in addition there is a toll for two months (22 euros ) and for ten days (ten euros ), residents pay 130 euros always. Vignettes literally does not get you for it, but registered only in an electronic system. Is controlled by the video cameras that were installed for the truck toll, as well as mobile camera equipment.

In the future, no additional burden?

Dobrindt expects revenues after deducting costs of around half a billion euros. The money is to be invested in the German road network. Critics expect much lower amounts. These cited as the ADAC traffic scientist Ralf Ratzenberger. Also calls for the Automobile Association that the commitment that German motorists would not additionally loaded, must also apply for the future. That would in future toll increases vehicle tax would have to be lowered again. Similarly, the Automobile Club Motorist Protection expressed (KS ). The KS also fears for Germany's image abroad. The Association of International Vehicle Manufacturers (VDIK ) criticized the decision as well. The Association holds for " unjust, a bureaucratic monster and ecologically meaningless" . ( sl)