No hot water on the windshield

Munich, 22 December 2016

It sounds like a good idea at first: the windshield is icy morning strongly, it is in no mood to scrape a half-hour. So just a bucket hot water over it and all wipe away? You do not, merely recommends the Automobile Club ADAC and called the ten worst mistakes in the winter.

Error 1: Hot water on the windshield

Who pour hot or boiling water over the glass windshield to defrost, runs the risk that the disc jumps. There's nothing as to scratch and/or a windscreen de-icer to use.

Error 2: Denatured alcohol in the washer

If you simply tilt denatured alcohol into slices water instead of antifreeze, can flourish after the use of windshield wipers ice crystals on the cold glass and obstruct the view. Therefore in addition, a proper antifreeze contains substances against the restart icing.

Error 3: Icy doors with violence

If the frozen car door will open more often with violence, the seals can break on time. The seals do not freeze when treated in a timely manner, for example with a rubber care pen.

Error 4: Press the wiper with frozen leaves

If frozen windshield wipers are actuated, can demolish the rubber lip, blow the fuse or damage to the mechanism. It is better to withdraw the wiper blades from the disc before it is icy.

Error 5: Connect the electric blanket

Already some people tried to plug an electric blanket to the cigarette lighter, so the children have it cuddly warm. Possible consequence: the ceiling draws so much power that the battery makes flabby especially in traffic jams when the motor.

Error 6: Children with thick jacket in the seat

Who puts children with thick jacket in the car seat, risking that the belt takes enough not sure because the jacket leaves too much room. You should take off the jacket open, or move at least the lap belt under the jacket.

Error 7: Hot water bottles on the dashboard

Some put a hot water bottle on the dashboard, so that the disc will remain free or less Stud. But the hot water bottles can fall down and block the pedals in the worst case.

Error 8: leave the cell phone in the car

When mobile or Mobilnavi spend the night in the car, the batteries in extreme cold can be damaged.

Error 9: let fog lamp

The rear fog lamps may be switched on only when visibility under 50 meters. Because the lamp can dazzle other road users.

Error 10: Daytime running lights running

The daytime running lights are not sufficient especially in Twilight, fog and bad weather. During the day, turn the low beam in such conditions. (sl)