Nissan IMx Concept: Silent Future

Tokyo (Japan), 25. October 2017

Electric and Autonomous: all car manufacturers almost see the future, even Nissan. In the framework of the Tokyo Motor Show in 2017 (25. October to 5. November) shows the brand, the IMx Concept.

The Leaf as a Crossover

What lies behind the IMx Concept? The optical proximity to the new Nissan Leaf is not a coincidence, because the Crossover study is purely electrically driven. It uses the new Nissan platform for E-cars with completely flat ground and the in-depth passenger compartment deck.

Fat Electric Drive

Unlike in the Leaf, but there are two electric motors, one each on the front and rear axle. The performance of the system is 320 kilowatts is equal to 435 HP, the torque is 700 Newton meters. A according to Nissan "the future of high-performance battery with high energy density" should be able to store electricity for more than 600 kilometers.

Was driving yesterday

A further aspect of the Nissan IMx is the way to fully Autonomous Driving. As soon as the so-called "Pro pilot"driving mode is activated, folds the steering Wheel behind the dashboard and the seats go back. Interesting: The car can drop the driver at the airport and will then find their own Parking. There, the IMx connects to the local power supply and feeds as "virtual" power plant electricity to the grid.(rh)