New on the street in April Large Tiger and plenty Small

Large Tiger and plenty Small

Long wait fans had the sports car manufacturer on the little cayenne brother, now the Porsche Macan is finally at the dealership. Three other models roll off this month on the new roads, even if you two of which almost does not perceive correctly.

The street scene is enriched in April of a new Zuffenhausen, a closed athletes as well as two well-known street speedsters.

Porsche Macan: With its latest model, Porsche is at the dinner table and enjoy a particularly large piece of the pie. The Macan could not only set new standards for the Zuffenhausen in the popular segment of compact and medium SUV. With the launch stand for the Macan three turbo engines are available: The 3.0-liter diesel (190 kW/258 hp) and the same size petrol engine ( 250 kW/340 hp) are available from 57 930 euros in the price list, the top model Turbo will cost at least EUR 79 826.

Gene donor for the Macan is the Audi Q5, but you value it at Porsche to have two-thirds of all parts replaced or at least adjusted. So Porsche waived for example, the acquisition of Audi's Quattro all-wheel drive in favor of a proprietary solution that is standard equipment on all models. Just by the way how the double-clutch gearbox PDK. A manual transmission will not exist in connection with these three motors.

© VWVolkswagen has revised the offered since 2009 fifth-generation small car Polo and sends it to the dealer now .   VW Polo: Volkswagen has revised the offered since 2009 fifth-generation small car Polo and sends it to the dealer now. The biggest changes are in the art. New engines, many assistance systems and a steering system that now operates electromechanically. Added to the usual mid-life refresh comes a generation of vehicles inside and out. What remains unchanged is the base price of the Polo. It starts at 12,450 Euros and then from the known from the Up 1.0 - liter three-cylinder driven (44 kW/60 hp).

The engine range is very extensive, this class and covers a power range from 44 kW/60 hp to 81 kW/110 hp. During the year to a GT version with cylinder deactivation come (110 kW/150 hp) and also a GTI will be there again, this time with 141 kW/192 hp.

Hyundai i10 LPG: The mini-cars Hyundai i10 is now available in a LPG version. To drive a 1.0 - liter three-cylinder with 49 kW/67 hp makes in LPG operation. If normal Super used, the power increases to 51 kW/69 hp. The consumption in gas mode, the manufacturer with 6.5 liters on 100 kilometers. Current costs of liters of liquid gas around 75 cents. The 27-liter LPG tank is located in the spare wheel well and lasts for approximately 450 kilometers.

Jaguar F-Type Coupe: One year after the Roadster now follows the closed version of the Jaguar F-Type. For the coupe, a total of three engines to choose from. The entry-level unit is known from the open model supercharged V6 engine with 250 kW/340 hp for at least 67,000 euros. The faster V6 produces 280 kW/380 hp version and costs from 78,500 euros. For the top model with a V8 engine and 405 kW/550 hp 103,700 Euros will be due.