New mini countryman: the still-mini is?

Munich, 26 October 2016

The critics are not exactly gracious with a view on the current mini model range: the cars are getting bigger and the design is not necessarily innovative. However, does not harm's success with the customer. Therefore further proposes mini in the same score and presented show (November 18-27) the new countryman mid November 2016 at the Los Angeles Auto. The brand completes the renovation of their current program with him.

The brother of the active tourer

Renovation makes it quite well, because visually has been evolutionarily developed the new countryman. What remains is the typical shape of the roof. At the rear there are more lights and a distinctive bumper, front, the headlights are now more broadly arranged. Large rear door openings should help you get started. The changes in the dimensions are remarkable: the countryman is growing in length by about 20 centimeters, sets the width to three centimeters. Expressed in figures: 4.30 meters and 1.82 meters. Thus, the XL-mini at the level of his BMW technology bruders is 2 active tourer. By him he assumes not only the approximate dimensions, but especially the exact same wheelbase of 2.67 meters X 1 has the BMW.

More length equal more space

Not only they are now certainly wonder: is the still-mini? The brand itself leads a much better space than in the predecessor to the defence, since grew the wheelbase to 7.5 centimeters. The rear seats can be moved up to 13 centimetres in length, the armrests are adjustable in inclination. The boot volume is between 450 and 1,390 liters, an increase of less than 220 litre. As an option, there is not only an electrical actuation of the tailgate, but also the "picnic bench", so a "picnic"Bank. A from the luggage compartment out collapse bare Edition, providing a seat for two persons behind.

Who will the "Cliff"Champ?

Inside the countryman cockpit so central speedometer and a up to 8.8-inch monitor in the center console, which is a touch screen then has many similarities to the other mini models. On request, a somewhat curious function appears here: the "country timer". He registered rides on a sloping, uneven, unpaved and snowman background, according to mini "challenging terrain". Depending on the duration of the trips, the countryman from the "Street Cruiser" to the "Cliff"Champ mutates. AHA. Rather say, that there is an optional all-wheel drive for all engine variants and the ground clearance is 16.5 centimeters.

Premiere for the plug-in hybrid

Which brings us straight to the engine line-up: the market launch in the February 2017 are four units to choose from. In Cooper, a three-cylinder gasoline engine with 136 Horsepower and 1.5 liters of displacement, which has Cooper S works on four cylinders, two liters of displacement and 192 HP. Diesel fans have the choice between 150 and 190 HP. is a six-speed manual gearbox as standard, in the strongest diesel series is an eight-speed automatic. It is also available for the other models, only the Cooper has to make do with six gears. A real premiere is the first mini with plug-in hybrid: the Mini Cooper S countryman All4 has a terribly long name, but a system output of 165 kW according to 224 horsepower. The combined torque is located at 385 Newton metres. For this the 1.5 liter gasoline engine with 136 Horsepower and an electric motor work together with 65 kW equal to 88 HP. All data reveal the connoisseur that the technology comes from the BMW 225xe active tourer. Electrically, the countryman reaches 125 km/h and comes up to 40 kilometers. Mini 2.1 litres on 100 kilometres is the average fuel consumption.

Set in the price

At the price of the plug-in hybrid mini not expressed yet but to the cost of the 'normal' countryman models. Let's go at 26,500 euros for the Cooper with 136 HP. A considerable surcharge compared to its predecessor, which was to have 122 HP from 22,700 euros. The all-wheel drive price is 2,000 euros at the new countryman. Preliminary top model of the price here is the Cooper SD All4 automatic. He stands with 35.900 euros in the price list. It holds many of the tools ready, including a head-up display, various connectivity functions, a traffic sign recognition and a parking Assistant. Who finally knows the mini in the future is still as maxi. (rh)