Skoda Snowman

The Skoda Snowman is equipped with a seven-seat SUV and the vehicle of the largest Czech car maker under VW leadership. Thus, the model range above the Skoda Snowman almost to the VW Touareg SUV comes close, who also plays parts donor for the budget conscious Czechs. Thus, the interior and the styling of the Skoda Snowman has been like the Volkswagen derivative holds for the buyer of a new car Skoda Snowman however pricing advantages. The drive units also build on the VW shelf : to mark the start of the Skoda Snowman is sold with three engines as a new car. In the base model, a V6 gasoline engine works with almost 3.6 liters of displacement. This Used Skoda Snowman develops 280 hp and is now up to 228 km / h. Those looking for a hybrid car is very well served by the Skoda Snowman hybrid. The SUV accommodates a 3.0 TSI petrol at which a 47 hp electric motor is coupled and provides a system output of 380 hp. The only diesel engine of the Skoda Snowman is powered by a common-rail six-cylinder of 3.0 liters generates an output of 245 hp and the SUV makes up to 220 km / h.