Much on the box

Stuttgart, July 29, 2014

Many take it, most professionally: the speech is from the Mercedes Vito. Now Mercedes brings the new generation of the transporter at the start. No unimportant car for the commercial vehicle division of the brand. Although one sees more frequently felt the larger Sprinter on the road, the Vito is sold more often. However, in the so-called " Mid-Size Vans" from 2.5 to 3.2 tons permissible total weight segment (and thus mobile for every car driver's license - holder), the Vito clearly lies behind the VW T5 and the Ford Transit Custom.

More elegant packaging

That should change with the whole new generation now. Similar to the early 2014 featured car counterpart, the V-Class, the Vito should in all respects be of high quality. Even commercial vehicles get a certain chic, like Ford with the Transit Custom and Opel show with the new Vivaro. But beauty or not, among craftsmen and delivery services include the intrinsic values ​​.

Three times three

To have the new Vito in three versions: The classic van Mixto with the rear bench seat and additional windows and fully glazed Tourer for the transport of people join. Available the Vito family is available in three lengths, they are all grown by 14 centimeters. It starts with 4.89 meters, about rank versions in sizes 5.14 meters and 5.37 meters. Good for car parks and car washes: The vehicle height is a maximum of 1.91 meters.

All forward

For the first time the Mercedes Vito with front-wheel drive, a low-cost solution that aims at Ford and VW. He is said to offer advantages with an empty or low the laden vehicle. Who draws much drags and thick pendant, can pick up the rear wheel drive. O-Ton Mercedes: " The right solution for particularly high driving dynamics ." Whether we can still expect a Vito AMG for the future? Anyway: For tasks in woods and mountains is in third place in the league a 4x4 version ready.

On load 're off

Especially for vans and Co., total allowable weights are in the foreground. When Vito 2.8 respectively are 3.05 tons of standard. Optionally, can be uprated to 2.5 tons to 3.2 tons and from. Payload is the giant 3.2-tonne Vito with rear-wheel drive, can be loaded into the 1369 kg. As an alternative to the standard tailgate there is the new Vito with side-opening doors. This optional fold up to the side wall. The cargo space is 1.68 meters wide, the distance of 1.27 meters between the wheel arches allowed according to Mercedes problems loading with Euro pallets crosswise to the direction of travel. From the load area dimensions of the new Vito results in a load volume of 5.5 cubic meters for the Vito compact, 6.0 cubic meters for the Vito long and 6.6 cubic meters for the Vito Extra Long.

dieselised Total

The range of engines for the Vito consists exclusively of diesels. In the version with front-wheel drive, a developed jointly with Renault 1.6-liter engine is mounted transversely. As he makes 88 hp 109 CDI, 111 CDI than 114 hp. For the rear-drive Vito is a 2.1-liter diesel in the program. It gives him with 136, 163 or 190 hp. Series is a manual six-speed transmission, an optional automatic with seven steps is available. This is standard on board the 190-horsepower Vito and the all-wheel drive variants. An interesting side aspect is the service intervals of up to 40,000 km or two years.

Comprehensive help

As standard in the Vito panel van airbags for driver and front passenger, the Tourer up to eight air bags are used. If required, the Vito with all sorts of assistance systems upgrade. The price includes the fatigue warning and a crosswind support. Optionally, there is an active parking assistance, a distance alert system, a Totwinkelwarnung and Lane Keeping Assist. For Transportation unusual is the extra " Intelligent Light System ". It consists of LED indicators, LED daytime running lights and LED headlights.

Not too expensive

A surprise there at the start price, the Mercedes reveals already. Until now, started the pretty barren Vito Worker with 95 diesel hp at 22 598 €. The future Vito 109 CDI Van with 88 hp and front-wheel drive, there will be already for 21,408 euros ( 17,990 euros without VAT). This Mercedes undercuts the competition clearly: The Ford Transit Custom starts with 100 hp at 25,200 euros, for the VW T5 van with 2.0 TDI and 84 hp 28 887 euros even be called. In October 2014, the new Vito will come on the market. ( rh )