More space, more chic

Offenbach, August 11, 2014

Before his debut at the Paris Motor Show ( October 4 to 19 2014) Hyundai has released the first pictures of the new i20. The completely new small car is first released in early 2015 as a five-door on VW Polo, Opel Corsa and the likes. A three-door version will follow later. The i20 is one of the best-selling Hyundai models in Europe. Since 2009, it has sold around 85,000 copies in Germany alone. The second generation of the Hyundai i20 is mainly with schi ckerer optics, better materials, more modern facilities and plenty of space points.

More space thanks to more wheelbase

The styling of the new 4.04-meter long i20 Hyundai's " Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 " uses design language and shows similarities to the current i10. The Hyundai - typical hexagonal grille now sits lower and a glossy black lacquered C - pillar to give the impression of a floating roof. Pictures of i20 interiors has not been shown Hyundai, but we expect the same quotations from the small i10 and a general improvement in terms of materials and workmanship. These provide an extended wheelbase by 45 millimeters for more spacious. According to Hyundai can be comfortably accommodated in the new i20 five adults. The boot capacity is growing at a very decent 320 liters.

N - performance variant will come

Among the optional equipment highlights of the new Hyundai i20 include a panoramic glass roof that can be both tilted and fully opened, a rearview camera and LED lights for front and rear. Motor Technically we initially expected the program from the current i20. These include a 1.2 - liter gasoline engine with 86 hp, a 1.4 - liter gasoline engine with 101 hp and a 1.1 - liter diesel with 75 hp. Later would follow from the i10 the 67 - hp three-cylinder. In addition, we should see a Hyundai - performance variant of the new i20 for the first time. The new " N " performance division is here create the necessary upgrades. The new i20 will benefit from Hyundai's five-year unlimited mileage warranty. Prices have not yet given the Koreans known. So far, the i20 starts at 11,650 euros . ( sw )