Mercedes shines, flopping vans

Brussels, 3 September 2014

The latest EuroNCAP crash tests according to the standard show that not all new vehicles meet the stringent requirements of the continuously experts. Five cars were now tested for safety and accident had in the disciplines of frontal impact, side impact, side pole impact and headrest test to show how well they protect their occupants. The safety of children in corresponding seats and the exposure of pedestrians in a collision were also investigated. Finally, the existing security wizard as ESP, seat belt warning and emergency braking systems are included in the judgment.

Only the Mercedes GLA is super

The Mercedes GLA - class was in this test run, the only car that achieved the highest rating of five stars. The safety of adult occupant was evaluated here with 96 percent of the maximum score. The new Renault Twingo received as well as the also quite fresh Toyota Aygo only four stars. The Aygo result also applies to the similar vehicles Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1. Both Aygo as Twingo cut in the safety of adult occupant with 80 and 78 percent of the maximum number of points only mediocre from.

flopping vans

The Citro├źn Berlingo received only three stars, and this result is also true for the identical Peugeot Partner. Here at the occupant safety, only 56 percent of the maximum possible points were awarded. Also Nissan e - NV200 electric van Evalia must be satisfied with three stars. The car scored particularly low scores for pedestrian protection and safety equipment with wizards, while the result in occupant safety still stood at 75 percent in the central region . ( sl )