Mazda: The „Diesotto“ come 2019

Leverkusen, 8. August 2017

Former Chancellor Helmut Schmidt once said, who has visions, should go to the doctor. But the Vision of what Mazda has, it doesn't sound sick at all. Under the name of "Sustainable Zoom-Zoom to 2030," the Japanese its roadmap for the next 20 years.

Diesel according to the Diesel principle

The most important point is the introduction of a Skyactiv-X engine generation in the year 2019, presumably in the then-new Mazda 3. If you are not familiar with the letters with Skyactiv: "G" refers to the gasoline, "D" for Diesel and "R" is reserved for a future rotary engine. But X? Behind the according to the Mazda world's first series-production gasoline engine with compression ignition. Here's a particularly homogeneous lean fuel-air ignites the mixture like a Diesel when it is compressed in the combustion chamber. The NOx raw emissions remain in spite of very lean combustion at a relatively low level. In 2007, the Mercedes had developed a similar concept, but not pursued any further. The catchy Name at the time: "this is Otto".

The spark plug remains

How has it managed now Mazda? Here, you will not completely eliminate a spark plug. To initiate an additional pressure rise in the combustion chamber. Official Name: the "Spark Controlled Compression Ignition", in short, SPCCI. As a result, the two biggest problems with the series production of "this is Otto's" were up to now a great to have been solved: maximize the operating range in which compression ignition is possible, as well as a seamless Transition between operation with a compression and spark ignition.

Extremely economical

The way the Skyactiv-X-Motor appears to be logical, but the current Mazda gasoline engine with a high compression ratio of 14:1. And what the X brings to the practice? A very good response of the motor: The torque should be between ten and 30 percent over the current petrol engines of the brand. On the other, by up to 30 percent higher efficiency. The consumption of the Skyactiv-X even offers the current Mazda Diesel. A side effect is conditions also more freedom in the choice of Translation.

The future of Diesel, electric and Wankel

Perspectives so, delight us, Europeans, with a view to the threat of Diesel-driving bans. Mazda developed the diesel engine, in 2020 the next Generation to come. What car is electric? Want to bring the Japanese starting in 2019, together with other technologies for electric vehicles (one assumes, apparently, a Plug-in Hybrid) on the market. First of all, in regions with a high share of renewable energies for electricity production or for the reduction of local emissions of certain cars lock out. In addition, it is very likely that the brand-typical rotary engine celebrates first of all, here's a Comeback as a "Range Extender", marriage is a pure rotary sports car. To start good the last Mazda Tests Autonomous Driving in 2020, in 2025 the necessary technology should belong to the standard scope of all the models. Already a few days ago Toyota and Mazda have agreed to a cooperation. The companies intend to establish a Joint Venture that manufactures in the United States vehicles, as well as the development of electric cars and connected vehicles and safety technologies, work more closely together. Also, an expansion of complementary products is planned.(rh)