Maserati Ghibli: Zegna made ​​suit

Paris ( France ), 10 October 2014

On the car show IAA 2013 Maserati has shown how the Quattroporte is dressed even finer: In collaboration with the fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna an exclusive edition model that was sold in scarce quantity arose. Now, the Italian luxury brand has at the Paris Motor Show unveiled the Zegna variant of Ghibli ( until October 19, 2014 ).

Paint alternates between blue and gray

Particularly striking shines the pigment paint the car in the spot light of the booth. He calls himself " Azzuro Astro " and was applied in three layers. Depending on the light oscillates the outer skin of the Ghibli between light blue and a vibrant shade of gray. This should highlight the contours of the sedan better. Eye-catching feature is the 20 - inch model wearing a finish in " Liquid Metal".

Leather and silk

Since a good coat must also be fed at its best, the Zegna - Schneider have vigorously applied in interior hand. The Maserati typical leather interior by Poltrona Frau was first combined in the exhibit with silk from Ermenegildo Zegna. The fabric is treated specially on the seating surfaces, door panels, sun visors, the roof pillars and the roof panel. Fall on embroidered trident - emblems on the headrests. Contrast stitching and carbon applications with shiny surfaces additionally bring more than a touch of luxury to the interior. A Ermenegildo Zegna badge reminds the inmates repeatedly from sitting in an exclusive special model.

4.8 seconds to 100

Under the garb of the noble Editions - Ghibli the technique of Ghibli S Q4 infected with intelligent all-wheel system. As the heart beats a 410 hp V6 twin-turbo engine. It accelerates the sedan in 4.8 seconds to 100 and lets him run fast 284 km / h.

?? limited or not?

The Zegna - Ghibli is, like his Quattroporte counterpart, offered in a very small edition for sale. Already at the beginning of 2015 he could be ordered. How many copies of the Edition model offered, could us a Maserati spokesman on demand not say yet. However, it should be more than the Zegna Quattroporte: From the world there are only 100 copies, of which a maximum of three found their way to Germany.

Growth in key markets

For Maserati, the cash ringing currently loud as ever before: In the first eight months of 2014, the global sales climbed even compared with the record year 2013 again upwards. Among the front-runners, with China included ( 650 percent more with the same period ), Italy ( 600 percent ), Europe ( 400 percent ) and North America ( 312 percent ). And in Germany the number of Trident cars is growing in the streets remarkable. Popular is mainly due to the publication until the end of 2013 Ghibli, were registered by the loud Kraftfahrtbundesamt January to September 2014 at least 576 copies. Almost two-thirds of them have a diesel engine under the sheet ?? the 2013 also launched diesel - offensive of the manufacturer is bearing fruit.

Alfieri is built in series

What's next in the model policy, the Italians have also betrayed the trade fair in Paris: The Alfieri, a two-door coupe, which stood as a concept car at the Geneva Motor Show 2014 Maserati at the center, is built from 2016 series . (HD)