Maniac GT2 RS is making its debut in Goodwood

Stuttgart/Goodwood, 30. June 2017

Sheila, what a beast. Unlike with a little bit of disbelief, open-bodied Wonder you can't get that on the new Porsche 911 GT2 RS. At the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2017 (fittingly) show, the wild guys from Weissach to your latest Coup for the first time live. Animated by the strongest and fastest penalty ever seen in all his Brachialität already at the presentation of the video game Forza 7. And probably it is also much healthier to approach the border area of the Over-RS first on the local console.

Turbo-S-engine-plus 120 PS

Why? Because the acts solely by virtue of the technical data, such as the spawn of hell. The new GT2 RS will get 700 HP and 750 Newton meters of torque. 80 HP and 50 Newtonemter more than the previous. And he gets – as usual, in a Porsche GT2 - rear-wheel drive. You can expect very large amounts of smoke. You are buying three of XXL portions feeling in your right foot implant. The elemental force comes from the enormous 3.8-Liter twin-turbo Boxer in the 911 Turbo S. The performance increase of 120 HP Porsche turbocharger is explained with the use of larger turbo. In addition, there is a new, additional cooling system, the charge air sprayed the radiator at high temperatures with water and so also in the case of extreme driving conditions for steadfast performance to guarantee. Also new: a "GT-specific" seven-speed dual-clutch, and a new titanium exhaust system that saves over the Turbo exhaust seven kilos, and according to Porsche for a "unique emotional Sound".

Racing suspension and XXL tires

All the absurd power transfer kind of accident on two wheels, familiar with the GT team on a "pure Racing suspension", rear-axle steering and very wide wheels. The front 20-inch wheels with 265/35 tires, rear are 21 inch rims with 325/30s mountain. Apart from that, all the monumental air inlet should - and outlets, as well as the gigantöse Spoiler (please take a look at this rear spoiler!!!) for adequate output drive.

Faster than Ferrari 488

Easily the new 911 GT2 RS is, of course. Pretty easily even. With a full tank, he comes on 1,470 pounds. This is due to quite a lot of Carbon fiber (front fender, wheel well vents, parts of the rear end, the front hood) and a little Magnesium (roof). 1.440 Kilo should sound a bit better, then the optional Weissach package is recommended. Among other things, the stabilizers, and coupling rods on both axles and the roof is made of Carbon, are here. A further share of just under 30 pounds of weight savings, wheels are made of Magnesium. No matter whether with or without the Weissach Pack: The combination of Monster-power, diet, weight, and what appeared to be a pretty extremely high levels of Grip, transported to the new GT2 RS in 2.8 seconds from 0-100 km/h, The predecessor took me about 0.7 seconds longer. And thus, the new Superduper-Elfer is also faster than the Ferrari 488 (3.0 seconds) and McLaren 720S (2.9 seconds). The Maximum Speed? 340 stuff. So you can work.

From 285.220 Euro

In the Interior of the winged cannon ball hochrenn sportiges the climate is a little surprising. With red Alcantara (even the entire roof), black leather, and a whole bunch of carbon fibre. Also, the full bucket seats are made of carbon fiber. Behind them is a massive roll-over waiting for the cage to the fact that you need it, hopefully never. Asceticism is not in fashion in the GT2 RS by the way. The usual Porsche infotainment system, including the great Track-Precision-circuits-App is series. Not series, but only for a GT2-RS-buyers: The new Porsche Design titanium Chronograph 911 GT2 RS with a self-developed movement. He cost of 9,450 euros, which should not, however, continue to drop weight, if you just transferred 285.220 Euro for the car. Order start for the new Porsche 911 GT2 RS is now.(sw)