Luxury yacht by Pininfarina

Trieste / Torino ( Italy ), 28 September 2015

The company Pininfarina is known for finest Italian automotive design, the company also makes itself as a manufacturer of complete vehicles and convertible roofs a name. The fact that the Turin design company, however, has to offer a much wider-ranging portfolio, show appeared at the Monaco Yacht 2015 ( September 23 to 26 ). There namely presented Pininfarina before the plans for a jointly developed with the Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri mega yacht.

Two pools with movable floors

" Ottantacinque " is a luxury ship concept ?? so called in Italian, the number " 85 ". It stands not only for the 85 - year anniversary of Pininfarina, but also for the length of the noble water slide. More specifically, it is 85.9 meters, about extending the ship. Planned are five decks that are to be equipped not only the finest, but also have to offer innovative technical solutions. Among the most important details include two pools on the main deck. Its special feature: Everyone has a movable floor, with which the water depth can vary. Moreover, the floor can be flush with the top surface. The result is a 160 square meter area, which can be used for parties.

Space for 33 people

The ship can accommodate 14 guests and 19 crew members. You have a total of 18 cabins available ?? eleven of which are intended for the crew and other staff. Two diesel engines, each with almost 3,200 hp propel the precious boat. A maximum of 18 knots in it, converted about 33 kilometers per hour. For Pininfarina and Fincantieri it is not the first project of its kind: Together, the two companies realized the 68 - meter yacht " Destriero " in 1991st ( hd )