LADA 4 x 4: The cult Russian is 40

Togliatti (Russia), 13 April 2017

Since the demise of the Land Rover Defender, he is perhaps the biggest anachronism on wheels: the LADA 4 x 4. The production of the mentioned at that time still Niva SUV launched in 1977. 40 years later nothing has changed visually how technically considerably. A completely outdated car so that is still his fans due to its affordable price and its off-road qualities. For the anniversary, there is now a special model, which we present to you. In addition, we look back on the fascinating history of the popular Russian.

Aufgehübschtes birthday gift

In June 2017 comes the LADA 4 x 4 "40th anniversary" on the market, matching the year of birth, there will be 1,977 copies. AvtoVAZ painted part of it, so the official name of the group, in a camouflage paint scheme, consisting of two shades of green and black. Offer white, Terra cotta and gray blue are also red, beige. Art leather seats, inside new instrument inserts, black pads on the bumpers and new steel wheels are striking. Outside various logos indicate that the anniversary model. The power of 83 gasoline HP. remains unchanged That's the special-4 x 4 even after Germany creates, is still not known.

The desire of the strong man

The history of the 4 x 4 started once under the name "Niva" started in 1970. During a factory visit, the former Soviet Kossygin gave to understand that an all wheel drive version of the "Zhiguli" (the "classic" LADA on basis of the Fiat 124) would be a fine thing. No more incorrect thought, finally, there were many inaccessible and hard to reach areas in the Soviet Empire of giants. Both the rural population would appreciate such a car, which is easier to use and less complex than the offered at that time SUVs of the country. Specifically to explore mineral resources, such a car would be also ideal.

A clever concept

In the spring of 1972 started the development conducted by Piotr Prusow. The result could be visited for the first time in August 1975 in Moscow, but the production of LADA Niva VAZ-2121 internally referred only started in April 1977. In early 1978, finally debuted the Niva in the Western countries. The Soviet engineers had actually created a long time unrivalled product. Well 3.70 meters long, practical in the terrain short overhangs, four-wheel drive and a gear reduction. Not to mention also the half-decent speed compared to then, very rustic off-road models. Probably the most important point, and Western testers appreciated, was the ease of use and ease of use of the car.

Why "Niva" was 4 x 4

From the outset, the Niva scored with a low price, currently it begins on the German market at 10.490 euros. End of 1978 joined the Niva in the Paris-Dakar rally and could contend there also in subsequent editions. At 5,700 metres managed the Niva in the Himalayas, he was considered also at the North Pole. Remarkable was and is also the adaptability of the small Kraxlers: there was an amphibious vehicle, convertible conversions, armored conversions, ambulances and since 1993 a five-door offshoots. LADA emanates from around 30 different versions. In 1999, the VAZ-2123 was presented, which was supposed to solve down the NIVA. But as it so often is with Veterans: you are simply not userbase. 2123 was jointly with General Motors, which sold it in 2006 as the Chevrolet NIVA. After the phasing out of the joint venture, LADA looked in the tube and the most famous model of the brand was going on his name.

Is the successor to 2019?

In the year 2013, AvtoVAZ built the zweimilllionsten 4 x 4, more than 530,000 vehicles have found until today the way in the world. There was a time in which 70 percent of the production of the Niva were exported! The future of the 4 x 4 is now in the hands of the majority owner Renault-Nissan. Speculation is about a detachment in the year 2019 on the basis of the next Dacia Duster. (rh)