Jaguar XFR - S Sport Brake Cats Faulty Combination

Cats Faulty Combination

With the Jaguar XF Sport Brake could cope with particularly elegant things of everyday life so far. Now also particularly fast and agile.

The Smoking among racing suits: The British manufacturer Jaguar tradition now brings his combination of the upper middle class as a particularly powerful version. The XFR - S Sport Brake is the third model of the RS line and is available in July at a price of 110 450 euros in German dealerships. With the new sport wagon, the British compete against, among others German high-performance models like the Audi RS6 Avant or the Mercedes E63 AMG Estate.

The performance of the 5.0-liter V8 have increased in comparison to the already sporty Jaguar XFR to an additional 40 hp and 55 Newton meters to 405 kW/550 hp and 680 Newton meters of torque the British. In just 4.8 seconds, the high-performance engine speeds in conjunction with the eight-speed automatic and Quick Shift feature the sport wagon from a standstill to 100 km / h, final is only at 300 km / h

© Jaguaran all sides, but especially from the front.   For advanced airway V8 provide a larger air inlet at the lower solid bumper and side intake ducts. Front splitter, modified rear spoiler and larger side skirts help to make the sport wagon is certainly beyond the 250 km / h on the road, a widely drawn in the underbody diffuser increases the downforce on the drive axle.

Since the wagon is heavier compared to the XFR-S sedan, Jaguar has modified the coordination of the combined with an air suspension rear axle. So to be guaranteed their automatic level control even when fully loaded a horizontal position of the body.

For the coming year, 2015, the British also expand its range of products in terms of tailor-made suit: Then the R-Sport Pack ( 3,600 euros ) for the XF sedan and wagon is available. Unlike the R-and RS-derivatives in which the technicians trim and chassis and drivetrain at full power, it comes with the package, especially the optics.