Jaguar I-Pace: All The Info

Graz (Austria), 1. March 2018

The hunt for Tesla is opened: as good as all the Premium brands bring in the next few years electric cars on the market that will provide you with the Products of Elon Musk. Quite fast was the Jaguar on the road: There has now developed the production version of the I-Pace finish. After the world premiere at the production facility at Magna Steyr in Graz, I-Pace his exhibition debut at the Geneva motor show (8. to 18. March 2018).

Middle-Class Format

Let's look at the electric car by Jaguar, "Ei-Päis" very, in Detail. I-Pace is 4,68 meters long, so that he is on the level of XE (4.67 metres) and F-Pace (4,73 meters). Compared to these two brand brothers of the I-Pace scores with a wheelbase of 2.99 meters (for comparison: 2,87 metres at the F-Pace). Visually, the Jaguar design chief Ian Callum has designed a Cab-Forward profile, the I-Pace to stand out clearly from the Rest of the model range. You mean: A right far to the front of the towed passenger cabin, eventually you have to get under the hood of any large internal combustion engine. What is striking is the up to 22-inch wheels and flush-mounted in the doors and recessed handles. Optional Jaguar provides an air suspension, it lowers the body at speeds above 105 km/h to ten millimeters.

A Performance SUV

In the interior of the I-Pace it should go according to Jaguar spacious. 890 mm of legroom, it promises to be for the rear Bank, it shall not lack, despite the sloping roof line to the head freedom. In the absence of transmission tunnel in the Central console space for a 10.5-Liter large storage compartment in the compartments under the back of the Tablets, and Laptops fit to sit. The trunk volume is 656 up of 1,453 litres. For comparison: In a F-Pace will fit between 650 and 1,740 litres of Luggage. Jaguar itself refers to the I-Pace as "electric Performance SUV".

Vegan, learning and full of screens

We see ourselves more in the Jaguar I-Pace: Vegan customers can look forward, as an alternative to the leather upholstery, there are also covers made of textiles, including recycled suede leather. About the operation of Jaguar touch screens, capacitive Sensors, and a physical control knob combined with each other. Similar to the Range Rover Velar, there are on the center console, two screens are available in sizes five and ten inches. The driver has a colored Display and 12.3-inch digital instrument. About Algorithms of artificial intelligence of the I-Pace adapts to the preferences of its operator. In addition to the saved settings, the System remembers preferences and enabled, for example, in the morning driving to work the steering Wheel and/or seat heating. In today's times seem to be indispensable: A "Phone Reminder" reminds you that you forgot his Smartphone at home or in the Restaurant.

Whopping Range

Now we come to the core of the Jaguar I-Pace, the drive. In the floor is a Lithium-ion battery with 90 kW capacity (for Tesla-Fans: a quasi-90D), in order to allow a range of up to 480 kilometers to the WLTP cycle. A 100-Kilowatt fast-charging with direct current from the battery can be charged in 40 minutes from zero to 80 percent, "Fuel" for 100 kilometers will take 15 minutes. The permanent magnet sychronous motors has integrated Jaguar in the front and rear axle, resulting in a four-wheel drive. The E-motors are driven by a built-in input-transmission and Differential for each one of the two axes. Compared to the F-Pace, the focus is 130 mm lower.

Faster than a Tesla

294 kW, corresponding to 400 HP, the Jaguar I-Pace EV400 (his full Name) is strong, in 4.8 seconds, it accelerates to 100 km/h. For comparison, The Jaguar F-Pace S as the most powerful petrol engine delivers 380 HP, and takes 5.5 seconds, the Tesla Model X 100D 525 HP for 4.9 seconds necessary. To save the honor of the Tesla but it is said that this is bigger and heavier than the aluminum architecture-based I-Pace. Jaguar has beaten more than 200 prototypes over a distance of 2.4 million kilometers in all climate zones.

The One-Pedal-Car

Using the touch screen in the interior of the Pilot of the Jaguar I can choose the Pace in various stages of recuperation. In the highest of which is the delay effect is so strong that the driver can accelerate the car with only the Gas and back brakes. In very dense traffic, the creep function can be disable. Then it is possible that the I-Pace alone by Lupfen the accelerator to slow down. Eight years is the warranty for the battery, the maintenance intervals are two years or 34.000 miles.

Expensive, but not overpriced

And what is the Jaguar I-Pace cost? It starts at 77.850 Euro, in addition to the three trim levels-S, SE and HSE, and a limited "First Edition" in the offer. Sounds not just a little, huh? But the good 78.000 euros are put into perspective with a look at the Jaguar F-Pace S, with 380 HP. He is with 76.410 euros in the list. Tesla calls the Model X P75D with 328 HP whopping 91.250 Euro.(rh)