Icon is digital and autonomous

Wolfsburg, 10th November 2016

Probably also the auto world has just different concerns, but when a new golf comes, then it holds quite times the breath. Now, with the large Golf-7 facelift for four years, after all, comes a half new golf and even if the changes only to experts from outside showing what key Volkswagen has done under the sheet (or rather under the UI), is then quite groundbreaking. At least according to compact class standards. Because once again Wolfsburg comprising its icon at an early stage technology, found only in much more expensive cars. The VW is golf 2017 thanks to completely new infotainment systems digital and networked like never and part-autonomous driving he can in the future also. Also included with the facelift: two new saving gasoline, more power for the GTI and a new seven-speed DSG. Everything you need to know to maintaining Golf model here we tell you...

Outside and barely changes

Positive messages are in short supply at VW, a major update to the bestselling comes just right. Way with the harmful diesel stale air, with a possible electrical and digital high-tech future. As regards the electric: the new e-Golf with a "significantly enlarged range" shows VW on the LA Auto Show (18th to 27th November 2016. In terms of digitization, instruction and assistance systems, the 2017er Golf but now suggests a whole new chapter. Outside you can see little of it: there are the usual facelift make-up with newly shaped aprons, a modified cowling, as well as new, now standard LED taillights. Who also wants more than the halogen lights installed at the factory, get LED here now in the future instead of Xenon. That's it then, but even with the optics. Finally, wild experiments with the own appearance do not belong to an icon.

First VW with gesture control

Who wants to feel the change, have to go so. Some new dash trim and updated seat covers are virtually mandatory, it will be interesting but only when looking at the many new displays and the possibilities of the so-called "infotainment modular" (MIB). Of course when Golf Gets the fully digital 12.3 inch instrument miracle "active information display", which you probably know as "Virtual cockpit" from various recent audis. Surcharge, it replaces the classic circular instruments by its freely configurable, high-definition viewing. For the right new products, you must contact their views but towards the center console. Where sit the infotainment systems, to be exact. They are replaced entirely by newly designed devices with larger screens. From now on there is display with 6.5 and 8.0 inch screen size. However, the true "sensation" hiding behind the future top part "Discover Pro" with 9.2 inch screen. As the first Volkswagen system's next to touch and voice control also has a gesture control. A novelty in the compact class, says VW. Menu items can be left and right move now by wiping. A light-reflection shows what can be operated exactly via gesture. Wiped it successfully, there is a sound effect. This is fortunately can be switched off.

Many apps, no buttons

A glass surface covers the entire screen. There are no more keys, buttons, control, or similar. "Discover Pro" is freely configurable and maximum network. Apple CarPlay, Android are car and MirrorLink Yes almost a matter of course. A new app in the facelift Golf but also allows to control all media functions, including navigation through the own Smartphone or tablet. Talk: Also you can influence from the back bench now, what's up front so. Other apps include online traffic information with real-time integration into the guidance or services such as Google Street view. All of the app features are available even at the smaller 8.0-inch system.

Now also autonomously

The 2017er Gulf on the subject of assistance systems makes great progress. Before because he will be in the future, even to drive everything. A bit at least. On the basis of the holding lane and the automatic distance control ACC, VW has developed a storage Wizard, which automatically brakes the new golf up to speeds of 60 km/h, speed up, and draw. In traffic jams or in stop-and-go traffic, the car drives now so part of autonomous. Here, too, the hands must remain but of course on the steering wheel. More innovations in the field of driving AIDS are a pedestrian detection for the city emergency brake function, an emergency Assistant that decelerates the vehicle checked when he realizes that the pilot shows any more driving activity, and the trailer assist, which will facilitate the maneuvering with trailer known already from other Volkswagen. Also, it has optimized the parking Assistant. The golf now a semi-automatic now also forward in cross parking spaces.

New fuel petrol engine

Only if you have wondered already: can drive the model maintained golf 7 of course. He did well so far apparently so, that VW completely dispenses with changes to chassis or chassis. Also in terms of drive do not too much. Only a new four-cylinder turbo petrol called 1.5 TSI Evo complements the golf engine range. He makes 150 HP, 250 nm torque, has a cylinder shut-off and come out with 4.9 litre average. A more efficient BlueMotion version of this unit is also in preparation. It comes to 130 HP and 200 nm and scores with a new combustion processes in the Miller cycle, variable turbine geometry and an enhanced sailing function that can completely switch off the motor when the gas deceleration. That was possible only with hybrid vehicles. VW promises a consumption advantage of up to a liter "in customer-relevant operation". The standard consumption of the new spar aggregate is specified with 4.6 litre.

Mark starting in the spring of 2017

All other golf engines, everything remains as it is. This means continued diesel with 110 to 184 HP, as well as turbo gasoline with 85-300 HP. An exception is the folk Sports Golf GTI. The its 2.0 litre turbos output increases from 220 to 230 HP, in the GTI-performance variant cling instead of 230 245 PS now. Also VW has devised a new seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, which will gradually replace the six-speed Daria remaining in the Gulf. Ordered the Golf 7 facelift from December 2016, will the market start in the spring of 2017. Yet there is not a precise price list, on demand, VW however revealed that the strike price remains unchanged. (black & white)