Hyundai tests mega-i30

Offenbach, 25 may 2016

Hyundai is serious with his first real compact sports car. And confidence it does not seem to lack the Koreans. Different is hard to explain the following: Hyundai has namely solemnly announced that they cite their new Golf GTI opponents called i30 N to the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring. And that is to actually ride not for show purposes, the test vehicle. To the test. At one of the world's toughest endurance races. Now well.

First performance notes

On the side of the i30 N start two Hyundai athletes who you already know. A Turbo on the material grievances a day shift would be Turbo, who took a class victory at the last year's race, on the other hand stayed cool Veloster is waiting for the racing version of the i30. But certainly, the mysterious newcomer is most exciting. The i30 N by the way, is not powered Turbo an aufgebrezelten variant of the 1.6 liter engine from the i30. Instead, a completely new 2.0-engine of liter is used, which does at least 263 Horsepower and 309 nm. As we come to these weird numbers? In the attached clip, Hyundai gives insight into the test procedure to the new unit. And this produces at 6,000 rpm above values that a little swallow Golf GTI, Ford Focus ST and co. are likely to leave.

Seriously sporty

Hyundai developed already for several years on its new "N"-family, which in the future should be a kind of Korean M, AMG or RS. It has extra built a technology centre at the Nürburgring and hired Albert Biermann, the ex head of development of M-GmbH of. However, the "N" is not for "Nurburgring", but for "Namyang" in South Korea, where Hyundai's main development centre is located. Oh yes: No matter how off the 24-hour test drive, we would be very grateful, if the production version could keep this wonderfully absurd wheel arches. (black & white)