Hyundai pushes further into Europe

Offenbach, December 11, 2014

Hyundai wants to accelerate: The now fifth largest automaker in the world is catching up powerful and has renewed in the last five years, not only all their own models, but also be able to double its market share in Europe. Now invited the South Korean manufacturer ?? in fact, one could speak of a European manufacturer, because the cars are there for Europe designed and built to 90 percent here ?? in the European headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, there recapitulated the expiring 2014 and introduced new products in 2015.

New for 2015: the i20 Coupe

The completely renovated i20 comes already in December 2014. us. Hyundai expects to bring the B-segment car around 100,000 times per year to the man or the woman. At 11,950 euros the four-door starts then. Beginning of 2015, followed by the three-door variant. In terms of technology and equipment, the i20 five-door coupe and served at. Thus, at the beginning between two diesel engines (75 and 90 hp) and two petrol engines ( 84 and 100 hp ) can be selected. Later followed by a new one-liter, three-cylinder turbo engine with 100 or 120 hp, which will be available for purchase for the normal i20.

More assistance technology in i30

The i30 is half a million vehicles sold since 2007, one of the main pillars of Hyundai in Europe. For 2015, the manufacturer has now sent the Gulf opponents to makeover. Besides a new front with modified and steeper standing grill design keeps all kinds of assistance systems ( for example, an automatic parking and a lane departure ) entry into the car. The refreshed version will come on the market in March 2015. From the start, three petrol 100-135 hp and three diesel engines from 90 to 136 hp are available. The gear selector runs with a six-speed manual transmission or an available for the petrol and diesel Topmotoren seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. The latter is expected to reduce diesel fuel consumption of 3.4 liters per 100 kilometers, while improving acceleration. In figures by ten percent, 20 percent more economical.

New top engine: the i30 Turbo

From 2015 there will also be a new top engine for the three-door and five-door i30 to the 1.6 - liter turbo gasoline engine Hyundai Veloster from the Turbo. The engine generates 186 horsepower and makes the i30 Turbo in just eight seconds to break into the three-digit speedometer area. The top speed is then 219 km / h. There are also more powerful brakes, a firmer chassis and direct steering designed. Visually, the Turbo is distinguished by a sporty look front, a rear diffuser implied, including two large tailpipes and a redesigned interior with red inserts and comfortable sport seats.

Moderate facelift for i40

The easy-lifted 2015 i40 sedan and station wagon counterpart the i40 cw were presented at the event. While holding the optical innovations within limits, the developers also already gave the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. In addition, can be an adjustable suspension and an adaptive light system order. The latter comes from the featured 2014 Hyundai Genesis. Was Revamped the engine range: The two-liter petrol engine now only 166 instead of 177 hp and the 1.7 - liter diesel engine will now be available with 141 instead of 136 hp. The 136-horsepower base gasoline engine with 1.6 liters remains untouched.

Apple Store Greetings

Whoever is interested in a future in Hyundai and therefore opens to a dealer who can also experience something new. Seller will you not find in the new Merchant halls. Only helpers assist customers in the online configuration of their vehicles. The Apple store says hello, except that the employee is not helping "gurus " but " Angles " are mentioned. (ml)