Hellcat already etched with the tires

Auburn Hills (USA), July 3, 2014

The fact that the upcoming Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat his muscle car opponent wants to send called Ford Mustang GT500 and Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 to hell, has been known for a few weeks. However, with the power value of the 6.2-liter Hemi V8 Dodge remained hitherto genteel back, they spoke subtly of " 600 plus X"-PS. Now the manufacturer has left the hell cat out of the bag, that is, horsepower is revealed: The "X" is replaced by " 117 ", the compressor - ventilated wild cat supplies so a whopping 717 horsepower. As maximum torque 881 Newton meters crashing onto the crankshaft. This is so incredibly much that the Hellcat SRT is ennobled for superlative racing car: it is not only the strongest ever built Challenger series, but also the strongest and the most powerful V8 Dodge muscle car ever. The Mustang GT500 called Shoveling 671 hp on the road, the Camaro ZL1 creates only 590 horses brought.

Red and Black Keychains

The Dodge Hell hangover comes with two keys, one of which is wearing a red and a black trailer. And only the red key unlocks the full power. Who gives the hellcat to son or daughter can give to the black part: Then the engine sends 500 horsepower to the wheels. However, you should know that the offspring brings the necessary maturity to confidently master the throttled potential.

Three modes for the cat's setup

The customer has the choice between a manual gearbox with six gears, or an eight-speed automatic transmission. In addition, components such as shock absorbers, steering and traction control system used in the " Street", "Sport" and can be configured "Track", in the latter case, the ESP is switched off completely. Who asks about the performance, currently gets no answer. But they will probably be immense. Already the upcoming Challenger SRT with 492 hp and 544 Newton meters crack the hundred mark in about four seconds and 293 km / h. The Hellcat will come on the market in autumn 2014, in Germany it is offered free of importers such as Geiger Cars Munich. Karl Geiger has called us to demand a price of about 70,000 euros . (HD)