Hackenberg goes

Wolfsburg, December 7th, 2015

If modern drive technology and an important vehicle was introduced as a new VW Golf in the past few years, you could be sure that Ulrich Hackenberg was there. The development board of VW and Audi recently was always shipshape informed and was able to explain not only the broad outlines, but also the last screw journalists. With the diesel, however, the scandal came out for the technician. Leave soon after the first announcements to exhaust affair, Hackenberg now leaves the Audi Board of Management.

The master of kits

" Above all, the system of modular kits is inseparably linked with the name of Ulrich Hackenberg. Already he had with Audi early 90s the idea for it. Today, the whole group benefits from it ", praises him CEO Matthias Müller. Even Audi CEO Rupert Stadler raises Hackenberg's expertise forth. Especially now that could have become his undoing. Because if one to the last screw on all cars knows, it seems hardly credible that he just did not know about the cheating with the diesels. After completion of the prestigious RWTH Aachen, the machine manufacturer worked first at the University before he went to Audi 1985th After repeated switching back and forth between Audi and VW he was 2013 Audi Chief Development Officer since July.

Head of Powertrain Development as successor

Hackenberg's successor as Audi development chief is from 2016 Stefan crunch. The 49 - year-old engineer arrived in 1990 as engine designer to Audi, was then from 2007 in the after-sales area and Corporate Quality at Porsche worked. In the meantime, General Manager at a supplier of the Rheinmetall Group, he returned in 2013 back to Audi and took over the unitsDevelopment.

Named successor to flower

Even when there is a new Porsche personnel decision to report: New Board Member for Production is Albrecht Reimold. The 54-year-old follows in February 2016. Oliver Blume, who is Porsche's CEO since October. Reimold led so far to the VW plant in Bratislava, where in addition to the subcompact VW Up, Skoda Citigo and Seat Mii of the VW Touareg and the body of the Porsche Cayenne are also manufactured . ( sl )