Government promotes car sharing

The government wants the use of the deelauto promote. Secretary of state Stientje van Veldhoven (Infrastructure, public Works and water management) draws Thursday with forty parties a Green Deal to facilitate this, as confirmed by a spokesman a message in The Telegraph.

It goes to the municipalities, provinces, leasing companies, deelauto providers, the Foundation Nature and Environment and the ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. The Green Deal aims to 100,000 deelauto's and 700,000 users of deelauto in 2021. At this moment, there are about 41.000 deelauto.

According to Van Veldhoven alone cars, on average, 23 of the 24 hours still. By a car sharing is that less time parked. That saves according to its space and the cost of a parking permit. Moreover, it appears that autodelers their car more consciously, and therefore a lot less CO2.

According to the department Of Veldhoven the next ten years alone in the Randstad 500,000 people. Measures are therefore inevitable.