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Frankfurt, September 29, 2014

The fans must continue to wait. Also at the Paris Motor Show ( October 4 to 19 2014) Honda shows " only " a further study of the new Honda Civic Type R. In comparison to the radical styling of the orange concept cars from the Geneva Motor Show 2014 has been in this bright blue prototypes only little changed. And this will probably be the case with the standard version. What is new is that Honda uses the Paris Salon to announce the first technical details of the upcoming Civic Type R. The car is currently in a large-scale test phase. The goal: the fastest front-wheel drive on the Nordschleife to create. This requires 275 Trophy - R beat the Type R the 7:54 minute of the Renault Mégane RS.

Probably around 300 hp

Propulsion will deliver a brand new 2.0 - liter i - VTEC Turbo from Honda's Earth Dreams Technology generation. Officially, the Japanese call continues to be a performance of " over 280 hp", internal sources from the engineering staff but have already revealed that the unit is more likely to have around 300 hp. The same applies to the torque probably be at 400 Newton meters and you should rest from 2,000 r / min. Is confirmed that the Euro - 6 engine has its red zone at 7,000 tours. He will combine the legendary VTEC revving with the benefits of turbocharging ( much strength even at low speed range ). Honda promises " new standards in driving force, torque and response ", an " unmatched performance compared to all previous Honda Type - R models " and " the beginning of a new performance era for the brand ."

New " + R " mode and manual transmission

Further confirmation comes in terms of gear. Honda goes the trend to double clutch and provides the Civic Type R with a six-speed manual transmission. Suehiro Hasshi, development director of the Civic Type R, explains: " With the concept of the new Civic Type R it came to completely tailor the car to the driver, and a manual transmission is the best choice for it ." With this powertrain is a zero - to - 100 - km / h time of under six seconds expected. In addition, Honda has launched a number of new technology gadgets that are the driving dynamics of the compact sports benefit. One of them is the new " + R " mode, which is activated by a button on the side of the steering wheel and a more dynamic engine response, a more aggressive torque distribution and a more direct steering ratio gear sets. "The difference between the race and the normal mode is enormous. In " + R "mode, the Type R is ideal for track and racing enthusiasts will particularly enjoy preparing ," says Hasshi.

During the year 2015

Another novelty of the Honda Civic Type R is the so-called " Steer Axis " system. To minimize the typical case of strong front-wheel drive Krafteinflüssein the steering, the front suspension was supplemented by a mechanical system with two journals. There is also a specially developed for the Type R adaptive damper system with four settings. It automatically adjusts the damping force of the driving conditions and to enable the new Civic Type R is a comfortable driving at low speeds and a more sporty handling at higher speeds. The Type R is sitting to 30 millimeters lower than its weaker - series siblings. The car has been developed specifically for European enthusiasts and is consequently built in Swindon, England. During the year 2015, the Honda Civic Type R is available at the dealership . ( sw )