From Toyota FCV is Toyota Mirai

Cologne, November 17, 2014

When Toyota introduced the Prius in 1997, no one wanted to believe in the concept of the hybrid vehicle. Some 17 years later, there is no major automobile manufacturers more who has not at least one of these gasoline - battery - wagons in the fleet business. But what energy source will take advantage of future cars? Petrol, gas, diesel, electricity or hydrogen? And how will the selected energy converted into motion?

For FCV is Mirai

In 2013, Hyundai had already brought the ix35 Fuel Cell on the German market. The SUV provides a top speed of 160 km / h and the range is about 600 kilometers. However, the car is leased only to individual conditions to corporate customers, also the number of items is limited to 2,015 to 1,000 vehicles. A clear answer to this question is not found yet. Toyota dares now the same step forward, bringing the study of FCV fuel cell vehicle from 2013 for series production. The working title FCV ( Fuel Cell Vehicle) is different and the four-door sedan was now named after the Japanese word for the future.

Short fuel stops and 500 km range

Mirai, as the name of toyota future carrier, is said to have a range of around 500 kilometers. The fueled liquid hydrogen is converted to electricity using fuel cells, which then drives an electric motor. The actual fueling process, the lithium - ion batteries so far requires some patience in conventional electric vehicles, thus is not time-consuming than conventional fuels.

Delighting future, bitter reality

On November 18, 2014, the Mirai will be officially unveiled. From April 2015 it will be available in Japan for the equivalent of around 50,000 euros. In the summer of the same year, the four-door sedan will then come to the US and to Europe, where prices are still pending. Whether the fuel cell vehicle of Toyota is a definitive answer to the question of the future of mobility, but initially remains to be seen, because so exultantly the short refueling times and the non-existent emissions are also a network of filling stations with hydrogen gas pumps is not currently available . (ml)