Foundation against vehicle crime will stop

The Foundation for Tackling vehicle crime (AVc) quits. Director Titus Visser announces the end of his organization in The Telegraph: "Now the point has come to say that we are not needed anymore. Everything we can reasonably do, in the meantime has happened."

The foundation was formed in 1997 to the then huge problem of vehicle theft to address. At the time, were annually some 28,000 motor vehicles stolen. In the meantime, that number has shrunk to under 10,000 (9.179 in 2017).

"We went to our own success, you might say," says Visser. "Year after year decreased diefstalcijfers, and this year continues that trend continues. Also now we have in comparison with the first half of 2017 is already dealing with a decrease of 14 percent."

In AVc beat ten parties, including the police, the Public Ministry, the ministry of Justice and Security, the Dutch association of Insurers, ANWB, Bovag and RAI Association, joined hands against vehicle theft. On January 1, the organisation to exist.