Ford Mustang: Better, but only three stars

Brussels (Belgium), 5. July 2017

With voltage you have with Ford on the recent EuroNCAP crash test of the Mustang looked. The reason is that In January 2017 of cut of the sports car with only two stars exceptionally bad.

Less security for Europe customers?

How did it come about? In the offset frontal impact, the Front Airbags are not deployed enough to the driver and front passenger to hold enough back. In the full frontal impact, the rear passenger slid under the seat belt, so that the risk of abdominal injury. In the case of a side impact, the head of the 10-year-old dummies, parts of the interior trim, the were blown off with the curtain airbag to be touched. The EuroNCAP Secretary General Michiel van Ratingen said: "Ford is expected to EuroNCAP tests the Mustang. It was, therefore, dispensed with safety technology that is available in the US, for European customers." That is, the elimination of the front collision warning. Ford promised that the recently introduced Facelift Mustang will have the collision avoidance as well as an active Lane-keep assist as standard. This model comes in the USA, probably in the autumn of 2017 to the market in Europe beginning in 2018.

Plus point for the 2018er-Mustang

The Ford Mustang can be improved In the Facelift-model, track are now keeping assist and Autonomous emergency braking as standard. At the same time, the Airbags for the driver and passenger were optimized. As a result, the sports car of the two moves on to three-star. Intoxicating it is, however, still. Sticking point remains the safety of the rear passengers. Now, one might argue that there probably rare that anyone will sit. But if there is a rear seat bench, test, EuroNCAP devices the security. It is the belt tensioner, a load limit for the seat belts and a warning to Create the straps are missing. The load for the rear passengers is in the event of a frontal impact in the red zone. After all, with the Isofix-device for child seats, which is missing in the front Seats.

Disaster when the protection of children

The only good Mustang value are 78 percent for pedestrian protection (cue emergency braking), otherwise it looks standard. 61 per cent for safety assistance systems are a value that already the new Seat Ibiza achieved. 72 percent for occupant protection for adults are, at best, average. For comparison: The four-star graded all-new Honda Civic manages to 92 percent. Zapping duster looks like it finally, when occupant protection for children: 32 percent of the value. As already in January 2017 Ford in Europe to the Mustang-safety covered. With a view to the re-sale value, but any interested parties may be advised to wait until the Start of the Facelift model.(rh)