Ford Focus RS: it costs

Frankfurt / Main, September 17, 2015

Ford has finally pulled all cases of the new Focus RS and reveal the figures behind rabid cologne. And let a water converge in the mouth: in 4.7 seconds, the compact racer sprints to 100 km, it reaches its peak at 266 km / h. The force is drawn from a 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine, which is also the brand new Mustang drives in modified form, but with " only " 314 hp.

Dynamic wheel drive

The new edition has the first Focus RS wheel drive along with dynamic torque control. It governs not only the distribution of power between the axles, but also between the rear wheels. This solution provides the so-called " torque vectoring " effect, which improves handling and cornering stability.

Drift mode and Boost Function

The technical highlights also include a setup system that allows the selection of several driving modes. Including a drift mode and a Launch Control for racing slow start can be found. And there is a boost function of the turbocharger: For 15 seconds, the maximum torque increases from 440 to 470 Newton meters.

From 39,000 euros

Ordered the Focus RS has to be now, delivered the first copies early 2016. The compact Bolide is to have from 39,000 euros. He costs the same as a VW Golf R ?? has however 50 hp less. Other competitors are much more expensive: Audi can transfer at least 52,700 euros for the RS 3 Sportback with 367 hp, the Mercedes-AMG A45 with 381 hp from 51,051 euros the owner changes.

Twelve new athletes for 2020

The new one is the way the 30 model with the legendary RS logo. He is one of a total of twelve new performance models that will introduce Ford 2020 worldwide. ( hd )