Filerecord for this year

He was already coming up and now is really established: the filerecord for this year is broken. In total we were this morning, about 970 kilometres of quiet, with the wipers in the highest score The entry of the winter, the end of the autumn, rain and a large number of accidents and created a new record for 2018, Which peak is much higher than expected, because yesterday predicted the service a peak of about 300 km. "We have seen a number of accidents in the vicinity of Rotterdam that much impact on the traffic: on the A12 from Gouda, the A4 and the A15. The whole corner of Rotterdam is affected. Also, there was an accident on the A58 at Ulvenhout, making its way all the way close had", said a spokesman of the Dutch Rijkswaterstaat.

The ANWB, which also delays that can be counted on provincial roads, reported 970 kilometres. Not earlier this year there was so many kilometres of traffic jam, according to a spokesman. The previous record for this year was on may 22, established. By rain and accidents, we were about 955 kilometres in the file. The longest traffic jam ever in the Netherlands on 25 november 2005 measured. On the A2 motorway between Amsterdam and Eindhoven was 92 kilometres of traffic jam due to snowfall. The busiest evening ever was, according to the ANWB on October 31, 2017. In total was 1.016 miles of stationary traffic. The last fileloze day was on december 30, 2007.

For tonight is another black striker expected. "We have one of the busiest evenings of the year so far," said the agency. Would the record for the second time in one day to be broken?