Far Eastern generational change

Leverkusen, July 17, 2014

The new Mazda 2 goes into the next generation. In Japan, the launch of the B-segment car in the fall of 2014 will take place. In Germany, the launch of the number 2, the opponents of Opel Corsa and VW Polo, planned for the end of February 2015.

vehicle merger

The merger of two predecessor Demio and 121 made ​​from the minivan and small car which since 2003 has sold in Germany model Mazda 2 in Japan of the 2 rolls still under the name Demio from the tape.

The joke

The little one is now at the success of his group brothers, the CX-5, build the 6 or 3. For his droll and friendly smile gave way. The curves make room for the current and edgy family face called " Kodo design ".

Interior close to the study

The fact that the design of the interior will not prevail as it has been shown in March 2014 at the Geneva Motor Show, was obvious. Nevertheless, the cockpit of the Japanese runabout is very tidy and can recognize some influences of the study. For example, the ventilation, the layout of the controls in the center console or the design of the instrument panel and dashboard were kept very close to the study.

Multimedia and security

The connectivity system brings about a smartphone integration of numerous internet functions on the dashboard in the free-standing screen of the small car. The high-beam, lane or emergency braking systems, known from the other vehicle models of the manufacturer, now keep moving into the B-segment of the Japanese. This is to ensure a vehicle in this class exceptionally high level of security, according to Mazda.

New diesel and " Skyactive "

In Germany, the new Mazda 2 will initially roll with three different power levels of the 1.5-liter petrol engine at the start. How exactly make the gradations of performance and fuel economy, Mazda says not yet. Later, the engine range will be complemented by a completely new 1.5-liter diesel four-cylinder and 105 hp then the first time. The new compression-ignition engine meets the Euro - 6 emissions standard. He is the Lable " Skyactive " awarded as all other efficiency-promoting Mazda technologies.

price war

Prices are not yet known about seven months before the German market launch. In the current model, you can still enter from 12,490 euros for the 75 - horsepower gasoline engine. The five-door competitors from Opel, VW and Skoda launches currently at 12,630 euros for the Corsa, 13,250 euros and 11,640 euros for the Polo for the Fabia. (ml )