Facelift Friday: Honda Accord (5th generation)

From the fifth generation of the Honda Accord started Honda a clear distinction between the European market and the rest of the world. The Accord here in 1993, in taipei, taiwan, was a brother of the Rover 600 and was initially a strong on the Prelude-like front, which was later replaced by a more conservative one.

Also in previous generations of the Accord, there was the necessary difference between the European and the American versions of the Accord. So got the latter at the time of the third generation of the klapkoplampen of 'our' Aerodeck, but had the Americans, in their turn, without that stubborn driedeurs. From generation 5, however, was everything else and had the Accords that both sides of the atlantic were sold basically nothing to do with each other. At least, if we are talking about the sedan. The stationwagenversie and coupé that at us have appeared on the market, were (almost) identical to their American counterparts and, therefore, completely different than the four-door Accord.

But back to that sedan. Honda was in the 90's still embroiled in a close relationship with Rover, among other things, this resulted in the combination of the Honda Concerto/Rover 200. The larger Rover 600 was on the Accord based, which in turn is in fact a European version of the Honda Ascot Innova, which in Japan in the showrooms. Insignificant fact in between: for unclear reasons, was the Accord, and especially, of the Ascot by the window pillars. At the Ascot were missing that, because the car just like a lot of Subaru's over unseemly the windows had.

The Ascot Innova

With the 600/Accord, the Japanese and British have more money invested in the creation of a distinction than with smaller models. The front doors of the cars are indeed interchangeable, but further to the back, everything is different. The Accord has a shorter and higher butt, a flatter landscape rear window and a third zijruitje behind the rear door. On the front are the Prelude influences in the original version obviously, thanks to the tiny pieces of grille to the inside of the flat headlights.

In 1996, that changed when Honda decided the Accord firmly. With a more conventional front, consisting of a grille in one piece and friendlier-looking headlights, ditch the styling of the car again seamlessly with those of the Civic and CR-V of that time. On the back were the earlier orange indicators with white glass, around was a and another in colour front bumpers and the interior became acquainted with modernities as a airbagstuur. Or the Accord better here, let's again up to you!