Every third Audi will in the future drive, electric,

Ingolstadt, 9. May 2018

Yesterday, Audi dropped a (supposed) diesel cheating, today, a message comes to the electrical plans from Ingolstadt. Audi aims to compensate for a negative message with a positive? Hardly. The reason for the current message, the annual General meeting on 9 is. May 2018.

20 electrified models

Because of the shareholders ' meeting, Audi plans to plans its Electric under the name "Audi.Tab.2025" concrete. Above all, the Ingolstädter want to sell in the year 2025, approximately 800,000 electric cars and Plug-in Hybrids. About every third customer should opt for a E-model. That would be an extreme increase, because today, the share of electricity is likely to be sales at most in the single-digit percentage range. In the future, it should be in every model series, an electrified variant. Most are fully electric, with a smaller part as a Plug-in Hybrid. Overall, to start, by 2025, more than 20 electrified models.

Autonomous driving from 2025

The beginning of 2018 makes the purely electric-powered SUV called the Audi e-tron. In 2019, the e-tron Sportback starts as the second electric car. For 2020, the e-tron GT is planned, a purely electrically powered four-door Gran Turismo. In the same year, Audi wants to offer an electric model "in the Premium compact segment". 2021 Audi plans to present its first self-driving electric car. It should be based on the show car, Audi is Aicon, which was shown at the auto fair IAA in the autumn of 2017. The study was a five-Meter-long Shuttle vehicle with a Lounge-like character. In the series, the car should go mid-2020's.

Other projects: load network and digital Services

Thus, the electric rise plans, is to build the Joint Venture Ionity (with the participation of Audi, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes and Ford) by 2020, a fast-charging network. Up to the year 2020, 400 stations in 18 European countries. A lot of this is: Tesla has now approximately 450 charging stations in Europe. In any case, the Audi e-tron at the Ionity-stations with up to 150 kW will be charging power to charge. So he is ready after just 30 minutes of driving. Also, the topic of digitization is driven with the e-tron: The owner should also be able to purchase the electric-SUVs-assistance systems, infotainment services, and other digital Services purchase. With these additional offerings, Audi plans to achieve in 2025, a billion Euro – a new revenue source to help Fund the electric offensive. Because the tax is: by 2025, around 40 billion euros will flow into the topics of E-mobility, Autonomous Driving and digitization. So Audi0 should be number one in Premium electric cars, i.e. BMW, Mercedes, Tesla & co. are to follow.(sl)