Driving Report - Lexus CT 200h Quiet the obstacles

Quiet the obstacles

Sparing is always good, a little nicer does not hurt. The revised Lexus CT 200h consumes less fuel and also looks striking. And he is now much quieter therefore.

Not every buyer of a compact car expects a sharp pen. Those who prefer something more noble and has a comparable lavish budget is welcome to take on Audi, BMW or Mercedes. In this environment, trying to grasp with the CT 200h foot since 2011 the noble Toyota subsidiary Lexus. The full hybrid will convince with beautiful sheen and appeal to customers who value thrift, for which, however, does not expect a diesel. Now the Japanese have revised their compact, he's still become a bit more economical and also the optics were sharpened. When the price Lexus executives have recognized the red pencil. To Mark Start on 8 March is the modified CT 200h available from 27,600, making it by 1,800 euro become cheaper the basic version.

The little Lexus now falls on more. He wears the already known from the middle class IS, Diablo mentioned grille. This is the CT 200h good, gives it at least visually a certain dynamic appearance. From the IS sedan also comes the new steering wheel. Plus, there's a modified and use friendly infotainment system, new upholstery and exterior colors. What remains is of course the Lexus typical meticulous workmanship, the materials used feel good. Place miracles should not be expected in the small Lexus. Front sitting properly, but the rear-seat passengers should not have too long legs. The button and switch number is impressive, here the technician could make clearer the whole thing with the second generation.

© LexusAus the IS sedan also comes the new steering wheel.   The focus of the review was on the technical side. It sounds and feels it. The chassis is now matched with slightly stiffer, transverse joints are good but filtered out. Bad and bumpy roads make so not a problem in stauigen city traffic bustle of Rome made ​​still another technical improvement pleasantly noticeable. The steering now provides a more direct feedback, accurate circles by narrow traffic lanes and dodging the many, almost every traffic rule ill-respecting scooter falls so easily. The CVT also operates quietly and unobtrusively at low speeds.

How to work with the sister model Prius here a 1.8 - liter gasoline engine with 73 kW/99 hp and 60 kW/82 hp a powerful electric motor together, they come to a total output of 100 kW/136 hp. In the urban environment can be great on electric power, at least for about two kilometers. Then it is very quiet. But even in normal hybrid drive of the CT 200h does not provide for acoustic harassment. The engineers have adjusted the speed of the gasoline homogeneous to power the driver. At low request the unit is not rotating at full power, but this only develops with increasing power demand. Thus, the motor operates much quieter, until at 130 it is getting louder.

A selling point for the little Lexus is supposed to be the economical use of fuel. In the basic version with optimized rolling resistance 15-inch wheels, he is content with an average of 3.6 liters ( CO2 emissions: 82 g / km) that are 0.2 liters less than before. Taking the better-equipped versions, flowing between 3.8 (16-inch wheels ) and 4.1 liter (17-inch wheels ) through the lines, CO2 emissions remain at 88 or 94 g / km far below 100 grams. In initial tests with high urban traffic share of the on-board computer of our vehicle ( Executive Facilities ) indicated a consumption of five liters.

Speaking of equipment: Around two thirds of the business opts for the equipment line executive (from 28,750 € ). Here is one next to dual zone climate control, sports leather steering wheel, LED daytime running lights and a tire pressure monitoring system and an audio system with a 7-inch color monitor as standard. More customization options are of course possible. Thus, the CT 200h stands by its competitors in nothing.

Specifications - Lexus CT 200h

Five-door, five-seat sedan in the compact class Length: 4.35 meters, width: 1.77 meters (2.02 meters with exterior mirrors ) Height: 1.46 meters; Wheelbase: 2.60 meters; boot capacity: 375-985 liters

Hybrid drive: 1.8-liter four-cylinder petrol engine (73 kW/99 hp ) + electric motor (60 kW/82 hp) electric motor, power system as a whole: 100 kW/136 hp, maximum torque: 142 Nm at 2800-4400 r / min ( gasoline ) + 207 Nm ( electric ), 0-100 km / h: 10,3 s Vmax: 180 km / h average fuel consumption l/100 km: 3.6 liters (3.8 / 4.1 ), CO2 emissions: 82 (88/ 94) g / km, efficiency class: A +, euro 6,   Price: from 27,600 euros   Values ​​in () for 16/17-Zoll-Räder

Those who like noble and silent, should the Lexus CT 200h to borrow at least for a test drive.