Crisis safely through battle area

Toronto ( Canada ), June 5, 2015

Incas, so names were not only the members of a Native American tribe from South America, but is also doing a North American specialty vehicle manufacturers. The Canadian company has specialized to manufacture armored vehicles for military, commercial or private use. High-ranking commanders of the military, security firms or just to its own security gave people are looking forward, because the new Incas Sentry APC is there.

6.7 liters: Certainly not the consumption

The designed for off-road use armored vehicle nearly six meters long and almost as wide as high ( about 2.50 meters ). It is powered by a 6.7 - liter turbodiesel V8 with 367 hp. Is connected by a comfortable six-speed automatic. How far you can take the 151-liter diesel tank, is not known. Truly Economical, the all-wheel - colossus is however certainly not be able to move.

The Incas Sentry APC is equipped with a two-tier armor. It protects up to eight occupants and important parts of the vehicle from ballistic missiles and attacks with explosives. The highest of all protection classes BR7 is achieved. This class even repels armor-piercing ammunition. But the Sentry will not only protect its passengers from acts of war, attacks or robbery attempts, the weather conditions stay out: Thanks to a special insulating layer and a sophisticated ventilation system can be connected to the vehicle to operate at extremely low temperatures or in tropical heat.

The customer is king

For even more security features complacent? Equipped of the Sentry is also a hatch, a siren, an emergency lighting and a military tested 360-degree camera. Otherwise, it means that the customer is king. So even special requests are possible depending on the application. It is conceivable, for example, the extension to a mobile command center or a Evakuationsfahrzeug with medical emergency equipment . (ml)