Crazy car collection in the public car Park

München, 8. February 2018

Here we have something that you don't get every day. Not even in places like Dubai, where Lamborghini Huracans as an everyday car will not be used to drive many kilometres on the Pagani. This incredible car collection looks like a months-long planned Meeting of a very exclusive Supercar forum, but it is not. The cars – and there is everything here from the classic Muscle Car, to the Ferrari 599 GTO live here. In a public car Park. Just like that. Permanently.

Search for the owners

We have contacted the original publisher of these images, a Reddit User by the name of philsebbens, which is also part of Ragaire Photography. According to him, most of the cars are parked already here for several years and belong to a racing team that is not known in any greater detail. Another Reddit user refers to the so-called Hines Race Team and if you look at their page to fit some of the cars on the car Park-images quite. A Dodge Neon SRT4 with wide body, for example, was once built for the Tuning show SEMA in Las Vegas. Or the silver Corvette C2.

Why do you do this?

Should be the question mark in your head getting bigger, then don't worry, we're quite similar. It is not necessarily so, as the Person/people would be behind this illustrious collection is no money. So why is a several-million-dollar Supercar-conglomerate in a Parking garage just gathering dust? In public, where everyone easy in and out can be March. Or strange objects to draw on the dusty diamonds, as you can see it on some of the pictures.

It seems to work

Somehow, this absurd must work Arrangement. Would be stolen or seriously damaged, would probably pull off even the uninteressier most owner of his valuables at some point. That doesn't seem to be the case. And yet, it seems incredibly strange that a bunch of absolute dream car to see, as you would have disposed of anyone carelessly in an airport Parking deck, before he leaves to a multi-year trip around the world. My goodness, here, dusty, is really just a Lamborghini Aventador super veloce next to a Jaguar F-Type Project 7 and a Ferrari 328 GTS. From protective cases to hear? Anyone?

Where is this Garage?

Apparently not. And how you look at it, this Parking garage car collection remains a bizarre and highly mysterious spectacle. Where the super sports car-the Park house? In the sense of the photographer who was kind enough to provide us with this disturbing-fascinating pictures (the owners, the trust in the "protection" of a public Garage, it will be well-no matter), let's just say it is somewhere in Tennessee. And now have fun Browsing and be Amazed in our large super-sport-dust-catcher-Park-gallery.(sw)