Chrysler Neon

Under the model, the Chrysler Neon Logo of the American automobile manufacturer Dodge is (a subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler AG) exported to Europe. Placed on the market in 1995, the Chrysler Neon stands out for its price range by unusually high performance. The first generation year 1995 to 2000 with a 1,8 - or 2,0 - offered-liter four-cylinder engine, the latter delivers an output of 132 hp and a torque of 175 Nm. 2005 Chrysler Neon in Germany is deleted from the model program. The successor model was presented under the Dodge Caliber markings on the Auto Salon in Geneva in 2006. You are looking for a cheap car? In this website you will find a huge selection of used cars at an affordable price.