Caught: Renault Twingo R. S.

Hair, August 1, 2014

Six months ago, Renault unveiled the new Twingo. Given its rear-engine design, the result of the collaboration with smart, got quite a few observers wanting more. Significantly more than the advertised 90 hp but would be fun. Quasi so almost 50 years ago as the R8 Gordini blessed. Apparently Renault knows his Pappenheimer and is already working on a motor - Twingo, as current Erlkönig images.

Piece printed matter

Even from the now detached Twingo generation there was a RS: He got 133 horsepower from a 1.6 - liter naturally aspirated engine and was placed ten millimeters. His successor follows this line, but will get another motor. By mounting the rear space conditions are in fact not exactly abundant. One candidate could be the 1.2 - liter turbo with 120 hp from Clio and Captur. It provides 190 Newton meters for maximum torque at 2,000 rpm. For comparison, the predecessor there were 160 Newton meters at 4,400 rpm. But the 1,200 panel - Turbo is a four-cylinder, which is why Renault probably brings the 900 - cubic - three-cylinder turbocharged 120 hp from said space. Most likely is a collaboration with Brabus, where the closely related with the Twingo new Smart Forfour is revamped.

Subtle but effective

Eye-catching details of the super - Twingo are two tailpipes in wheelbarrows lineup and an enlarged air intake below the Renault logo. Note on an extra oil cooler? For cost reasons, probably less, but it would be purely optical measure. The same is true for the red trim and red door mirror caps, which are the black Erlkönig very good. As a near-series study of the Twingo R. S. could Beginning in October 2014 are in Paris, only to come in the spring of 2015, 16,000 to 17,000 euros on the market. Many competitors, the 3.59 meter short car there not: Fiat is the 160-hp Abarth 595 in the business, has the Mini Cooper with 136 hp. Opel will launch shortly the Adam S with 150 hp, VW still adorns himself with a GT version of the Up . ( rh )