Cars for Bandit

Hair, May 23, 2017

4.3 million dollar production costs, but revenues of $300 million: 40 years ago, Burt Reynolds alias slammed "Bandit" the cinema audience under his spell. "Smokey and the Bandit" is better known as "A Smokey". Legend, which was black and gold lacquered Pontiac Trans am the main character through the series got an unexpected boost. But the brand Pontiac is dead for several years. What would drive so 2017 "Bandit" in the year, there should be a new edition? In the English used car stock car spring has thought about now.

Beer smuggling? Worth it!

The story of the original film is quickly told: the trucker "Bandit" to smuggle for 400 $80,000 boxes beer within 28 hours from Texas to Georgia. His buddy "Snowman" drives the truck, while "Bandit" in the trans am trying to confuse the police. Hunted both in particular by Sheriff Buford T. Justice, whose budding Schwiegertochter is picked up by "Bandit" in all things be.

Camaro instead of trans am

"Bandit" in a Chevrolet Camaro might be on the road four decades later, which is trimmed on Pontiac look. (Actually such conversions in the United States are offered!) Tracks he would of Sheriff justice in the Dodge Charger while "Snowman" in the future Tesla truck slips away. To see what other car ideas there are for "Bandit", in the gallery. (rh)