Bestsellers under the knife

Schwalbach, February 23, 2015

As was the Range Rover Evoque on the market in 2011, many people were skeptical: Is the design is not too extravagant? If the customer something like? They liked it and that droves. More than 400,000 Evoque has since sold Land Rover, never was a series of the brand in such a short time so successful. In fact, the appearance of the Evoque even after four years of not acting dusty. An equally rewarding as thankless task for the customary in the industry half-time model update. Radical visual changes are not necessary, on the other hand is the Evoque customer but see that something has changed.

News from the front

Visitors to the Geneva Motor Show ( March 5 to 15 2015), on which the revamped Evoque is the first time to see, would be well advised to look twice. What is new is the somewhat burly-looking front bumper with fog lamps slimmer and wider Abschleppösenabdeckung. For the grill are two future solutions on offer. There are two standard horizontal struts and a fine mesh pattern, while the more powerful models get a version in the hexagonal design with other mesh. The first model of Jaguar Land Rover Evoque of the vintage 2016 receives an optional adaptive all-LED headlights.

Home Sweet Home

Inside there are new seats with optional massage function and up to 14-fold electric adjustment. When the door panels and cockpit new soft - touch surfaces are used. Also new is the infotainment system with eight-inch touch screen. Here are the pages to be replaced by " wiping " Moreover, many smartphone apps can be controlled. Speaking wipe: The electrically opening and closing tailgate reacts future on foot movements under the bumper.

more wizard

The standard equipment includes a lane departure warning system, optional is finally a lane departure warning with steering intervention available. The volunteers also includes a fatigue warning. For rough terrain, the so-called " all-terrain Progress Control" ( ATPC ) is intended. With their help can a speed between 1,8 and 30 km / select h, as well as forward or reverse. The Evoque pilot must therefore only draw and attention to the environment.

Engines from Jaguar XE

Under the hood Evoque migrate new all-aluminum diesel engines. The two-liter engines come from the Ingenium family and work in the Jaguar XE and Land Rover Discovery sport, but there partly in other levels. The Range Rover Evoque TD4 is available from August 2015 two versions. With 150 horsepower and front wheel drive the three-door will consume just 4.2 liters per 100 kilometers, which corresponds to 109 grams of CO2. 113 grams, it is the five-door, four-wheel 125 grams. Physical characteristics of the miser is a blue Evoque emblem.

An old friend

Furthermore ranked the 180 hp version of the Ingenium-diesel, which is also under five liters fuel consumption. Detail: The maintenance intervals increase from 25,000 to 34,000 kilometers. An old friend will receive the Evoque fans and although the 240 hp gasoline engine. The prices of the revamped SUVs are Land Rover keeps still covered, so far they start at 33,500 euros for the five-door diesel with 150 hp. (rh)