Bertone Lamborghini Genesis

Munich, 7. December 2017

Why do we remember from this study? Now, a Minivan with a Lamborghini heart, wing, doors (including the windshield) and the ideal image of an ' 80s avant-garde Designs every day is not around the corner. In 1994, Renault has shown with his completely absurd Espace F1 Concept – including the 810-HP formula 1 engine in the rear – that people carriers don't have to be boring. However, not remember, perhaps, just the least of it, that the king classes-the Espace was the first attempt to give a legal unemotionalen vehicle segment more Shine. The curtain on the Bertone Lamborghini Genesis by the famous Italian design house in the world presented to the public at the Turin Motor Show in 1988. Including a 455-HP V12 from the Lamborghini Countach Quattrovalvole.

Strange Drive-Combo

The 5.2-Liter engine with six (!) Weber carburettors sat in the front, somewhere under the front seats (so you can save yourself a heated seat) and drove the rear wheels via three-speed automatic transmission. In the Countach 5000 QV, she was paired to a manual five-speed transmission. To do this, you need to know: in 1988, Lamborghini was part of Chrysler, it was, so somehow (well, actually, it was not at all close) to use the TorqueFlite transmission with three gears. What fits better to a fiery Italian V12 than three cosy flabby courses from the US of A. thanks to a yawning long Translation and a weight of 1.800 kilos of the Bertone Genesis was, in spite of his heroic twelve-cylinder engine so not particularly fast.

Space in Abundance

However, it was the pioneer of the Minivan Coolness much more than the drive. Bertone to more than 30,000 man-hours in the admittedly great-futuristic Design invested. The Genesis had superior wing doors, which took up violence for impairment, the complete windshield with hardware. In addition, there were rear sliding doors that granted outgoing access to a five-seater Lounge. Despite only just 4.50 meters in length and a manageable wheelbase of 2.65 meters (the Basis for the Genesis of the Lamborghini Espada), the space conditions were generous. The right of unrestrained width of exactly two meters and a half. She was also the optics because Bertones Lambo-Van had almost intimidating presence.

Unfortunately, a single piece of

Of course, a 455-horsepower V12 Minivan with flamboyanten entry-level opportunities in the first line of a Minivan. Say: He must be practical. Therefore, the Genesis had a very flexible Seating arrangement, with electrically folding and sliding chairs. The front of the chair could be rotated beyond 180 degrees, to be able to better deal with the passengers in the rear to communicate. Whether the driver was also able to pan during the travel, is not known. Extremely pleased he will be, in any case, been of the progressive armchairs in red and beige Alcantara, one of the extendable foot rests, or from the TV, which was also present in the interior. Unfortunately, the Bertone Lamborghini Genesis remained a single piece. With the Renault Avantime, it was 14 years later, after all, a revitalization of the concept. If also considerably less radical, and only with the half of the cylinder.(sw)