Beneficial insects come in a double pack

Munich, July 29, 2014

The Opel Vivaro and Renault Trafic are a Franco-German pair of twins. In 2001, the first children came from the cooperation between Renault-Nissan and Opel to the world, now comes the next generation of the two predators. The design was mostly developed by Opel and adapted for the Renault. The engines are used by the French manufacturer and also the most cockpit details come from the neighboring country and are different from other Renault models known.

Two lengths, two heights

The van Vivaro Trafic and are (1.40 and 1.90 meters) offered in two spans (5.0 and 5.4 meters ) and two load compartment heights. All have become by nearly 22 inches longer. That can easily be enlarged cargo area of the windowless vans noticeable. Even in the smallest version now fit three Euro pallets side by side. For long objects such as boards or pipes, there is a clever through-loading facility to under the passenger seat. Depending on the vehicle length are 3.75 or 4.15 meters possible. The load volume is also increasing: it ranges depending on the model now of 5.2 up to 8.6 cubic meters. In addition to the transporters versions with double cab and pure platform chassis also be offered again. And there is a Combi version with windows and three rows of seating for up to nine people.

Two diesel, four performance levels

For Vivaro Trafic and two turbo diesels are selectable in four performance levels. There are a 1.6-liter Turbo with 90 or 115 hp and a 1.6 - liter twin-turbo with 120 or 140 hp. The Biturbos have plenty of power to the boiler and supply 320 and 340 Newton meters of torque. Nevertheless, the aggregates should not be very thirsty: for the small van with 120 hp both manufacturers call 5.9 liter as an average.

Keyless system and large Navi surcharge

In the factory, all Vivaros and Trafic already received Brake Assist, Hill Start Assist and ESP with traction control. The anti-skid program also includes the "Roll Over Mitigation ," which aims to reduce the risk of a rollover. An interesting series gimmick is a large, convex shaped mirror in the passenger sun visor. It can be set so that the blind spot on the right side of the vehicle becomes clearer. For an additional charge there are features from the passenger car range, including cruise control with speed limiter, a keyless system, parking beepers and a reversing camera. Also on order is a navigation system with seven-inch touch screen, online connection and Bluetooth interface.

Waiting for the good facilities

The lowest Renault Trafic Van with 90 hp diesel costs 26,335 euros, the Opel counterpart can be bought for 28 072 euros. Exciting is the question of when the better-equipped car versions come and do the other things under the VW T5 the new Mercedes Vito competition. When the Opel were to date the tour and life models of the Combi, which could be equipped for example with single seats and folding table. However, the Opel - press department is silent as to both further versions of the Vivaro, as well as on possible launch dates. Renault has informed us to demand that the classy granted " Passenger Black Edition" comes only in autumn 2015, a new edition of the precious version called "Generation Evado " there is still no information. (HD)